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Students in Nutrition and Health Training Know How to Eat Healthy for Less

In today’s fast food world, it’s easy to assume that eating healthy is too expensive for budget-conscious consumers. But while buying organic vegetables and premium juice in health stores can admittedly be costly, there are numerous other affordable options available. Students pursuing a Nutrition, Health, and Sport diploma program at a top college like AAPS understand better than most the important role that nutritious foods have in optimizing the body’s health. They also know that clients don’t necessarily have to choose between eating healthy and eating affordably. In fact, with the help of a few savvy shopping tips, your clients.. READ MORE »

Strength Sports vs. Endurance Sports: Meeting Different Athlete Needs with Your Diploma in Nutrition

If one athlete is running triathlons and one is a body builder, should these athletes have the same diet? As trained nutritionists know, the answer is probably not. One is seeking to stabilize blood levels to ensure that their body continues to perform at optimal capacity, and the other is seeking to build muscle by ingesting high levels of protein and carbohydrates. With two different body types and two different goals also comes two different diets. It’s one of the reasons why students completing their studies at the Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences (AAPS) take one course on the nutritional.. READ MORE »

3 Summer Superfoods For Students in Nutrition and Health Programs

When it comes to eating in season, summer is the perfect time to do it. Farmer’s markets fill their stands with plenty of freshly-picked fruits and vegetables, and even many grocery stores pack their produce section with fresh local options. For many nutritionists, it’s an ideal time for encouraging clients to add fresh berries, leafy greens, and other healthy and nutritious choices to their diets. But while the many fruits and vegetables for sale offer plenty of benefits, there are a few choice ‘superfoods’ that stand out from the pack. These superfoods are filled with everything from vitamins and minerals.. READ MORE »

Help Endurance Athletes Go the Extra Mile with Nutrition and Health Training!

Professionals with nutrition training know that the nutritional need of each athlete depends on many factors. A 200-pound body-builder will, after all, have very different nutritional requirements than a lean marathon runner. That’s why certified nutrition experts carefully craft each athlete’s diet plan according to their individual needs as well as the type of training they do. If you’re considering a career as a nutritionist, read on to learn how you can help endurance athletes go the extra mile. Carbohydrates: The Macronutrient of Choice for Endurance Nutrition and Health Training Carbohydrates are often the fuel of choice for endurance athletes,.. READ MORE »

Developing New Year’s Eating Plans With Nutrition And Health Training

New Year’s resolution season is upon us. At this time of year, it’s normal to see a flood of new gym memberships and healthy food purchases, as people pledge to take better care of themselves, only for all those good intentions to fall away within a few short months. So why do so many people fail to keep their resolutions? Some people set goals that are either too vague or too unrealistic to follow, while others fail to organize themselves to follow through, adopt unsustainable fad diets, or lose heart when they experience setbacks. Fortunately, professionals with nutrition training can.. READ MORE »

How Good Nutrition Habits Form Good Athletes

Maintaining a healthy diet is important for each and every person. Having a healthy body lowers the risk of chronic disease, improves skin and bone health, provides energy throughout the day, and much more. However, athletes physically require a proper and nutritious diet that is very high in calories. Without good nutrition, an athlete’s performance and overall health can be negatively impacted. If you plan to earn a nutrition, health and sport diploma you will learn all about the basics of nutrition, the important role that food plays in the body, the importance of fitness, and the risk of disease… READ MORE »

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