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Clinical Safety Insights: An Exploration for Those in Clinical Research Training

Every year, hundreds of clinical trials are conducted in Canada to test new drugs for approved use on humans. Clinical trials serve as an evidentiary basis for determining whether medicines are safe and effective. Monitoring patient safety during clinical trials is a critical practice throughout the whole drug development process. With the high costs of conducting clinical trials, the pharmaceutical industry can benefit from clear safety evaluations that can lead to better patient protection and save development costs.  Clinical safety is a collaborative concern that involves sponsors, sites, researchers, and any personnel in the clinical trial phases. As the industry.. READ MORE »

A Day in the Life of a Food Microbiologist: An Exploration for Students in Food Safety Training

Microbiology is the study of microorganisms, their impact on the environment, and their effect on human physiology. When it comes to the food industry, microbiologists perform essential work on the front line of food safety. These professionals study foodborne pathogens and assess whether food products comply with health and safety regulations. Food microbiologists may work in product development and quality control for food manufacturers, governments, or research universities.  A career as a food microbiologist attracts skilled individuals with a natural interest in scientific disciplines, attention to detail, and a flair for problem-solving work. You should be comfortable working in a.. READ MORE »

Prepare for Cannabis Quality Assurance Careers by Exploring Cannabis Extraction at the Cannabis 360 Conference

Cannabis extraction plays a key role in the cannabis industry, contributing to the development of various popular cannabis products—including traditional concentrates like shatter and wax as well as other products like vaporizer cartridges and cannabis oil. Here, quality assurance is essential, ensuring that manufacturing efforts are compliant.  Those interested in pursuing careers in this field can attend the AAPS Cannabis 360 Conference on September 9, where a panel discussion on cannabis extraction, contamination concerns, and remediation methods will take place in the afternoon. Bringing together over ten top companies and over 15 industry experts, the Cannabis 360 Conference offers you.. READ MORE »