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Untapped Market: Cannabis Retail Stores in Mississauga?

An exciting development in the world of cannabis retail in Ontario is starting to take place with signs pointing to Mississauga – Canada’s 6th biggest city – lifting its ban on cannabis retail stores.

This presents a significant opportunity for current and prospective retailers to establish a presence in a new, unsaturated market. A report is expected to be brought to council on June 9th, which means we could be seeing Mississauga opt-in to cannabis retail store sooner than later and there’s no better time than now to start planning for this untapped market.

If you are Interested in Pursing Cannabis Retail Store Opportunities in Ontario – We Can Help!

AAPS will work closely with you throughout the AGCO licensing process, providing you with in-depth knowledge and understanding to ensure your application is successful. For more information on how we can help you get started today in launching your cannabis business schedule an appointment with us today by reaching out to

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The Best Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Courses Online

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We are so excited to share with you that @aapscanada has been named #2 on the list of The 5 Best Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Courses Online! We are incredibly proud to offer programs developed, directed and taught by professionals with years of industrial experience in their industries, and we are excited to celebrate being recognized for the quality education we offer our students! If you’d like to learn more about beginning your education with us here at AAPS, head to today!

Our New Toronto Campus!

AAPS is proud to announce the opening of our new Toronto campus located at 885 Sheppard Avenue West. The vibrant new campus will provide modern teaching and learning spaces for undergraduate and post-graduate students.

Work on the new campus, including a complete refurbishment, began in early 2020. The building hosts state-of-the-art scientific laboratories and modern classrooms, aiding students in their journey towards academic and professional success in the pharmaceutical, food science and cannabis industries.

AAPS now has additional dedicated space on campus for research and development, which includes analytical testing on cannabis, product development and formulation for cosmetics and topicals and a number of other exciting R&D and training projects planned for the future.

Since its inception in 2003, AAPS has been on a long journey establishing itself as the premier Life Science College in Canada and hyper focused on providing practical knowledge and teaching skills directly related to obtaining careers in fast-growing industries.

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Research & Development Licence

AAPS, a premier institute for cannabis industry training and research, announced that it received its second Research & Development licence from Health Canada at its new location at 885 Sheppard Avenue West.

This new licence allows AAPS to conduct product formulation and sensory testing for cannabis topicals in its new R&D laboratory and strengthens AAPS’ goal of helping companies expand their product offerings and innovative cannabis topical formulations for an emerging market.

Utilizing its expertise in regulatory compliance, quality assurance, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and food science, AAPS looks forward to assisting companies in their journey to get cannabis topical products to market quickly and efficiently.

This licence is in addition to the existing Health Canada Research and Development licence, further expanding its abilities to provide hands-on training related to analytical testing methods for cannabis. Through this licence amendment, AAPS can now educate students on analytical testing for cannabinoids beyond THC and CBD, as well as terpenes, for any cannabis product format.

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