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Laboratory Careers

Prospective pharmaceutical chemist/scientist/analyst may find work within a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cannabis, cosmetic, fragrance and consumer products.

A pharmaceutical chemist conducts experiments on various substances for many purposes, such as product development, quantitative analysis to determine how much of one substance is mixed with another), process applications and qualitative analysis. The goal is to analyze, develop and improve on products. In research, analysts may be responsible for development of new processes.

Functions of laboratory Scientist

Analyze compounds to determine chemical or physical properties, composition, structure, relationships, or reactions, using chromatography, spectroscopy, or spectrophotometry techniques.

Skill Set Needed of a Laboratory Professional

To be successful within the role laboratory analyst, a candidate must be self-motivated, with an extremely high level of initiative, eager to explore and create new innovations, as the goal of a analyst is to determine the quality, safety, potency and identity of a product. Analysts must also be detail-oriented, as trace amount of impurities may deem a product to be unsafe. An analyst must also posses exception problem-solving skills, be able to multi-task, work well within a team environment, and have good communication skills as results must be properly reported.

Laboratory Professional Salary Range

Typically a starting salary for entry level/Junior laboratory analyst is around $40k plus benefits.

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