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Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

Some students may be able to get exemption for few courses in each of the diploma program by going through the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA process) at AAPS. The method of assessment (submission of transcript and/or examination) will vary according to the subject matter being assessed.

Upon completion of the initial review and interview, AAPS will send an email informing you if there is a need for examination prior to granting the exemption or if the submission of transcript suffice.

If there is testing component will consist of minimum of 50 multiple choice questions to be completed within one and half hours period.

A minimum of 60 percent on the test(s) is required. If you pass the test, college will award you credit and the credit(s) you’ve earned will be posted to your student record.

PLA credit costs:

There is a one-time submission fee and a fee per credit assessed applied to the diploma program.
The one-time submission fee is $20.00, and the fee per credit assessed is $20.00.