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Careers in Food Handling

Maybe you’re a culinary student who needs their food handler certificate in order to start a restaurant, or work as a chef. Perhaps you have a desire to work in food manufacturing, where you will manage how the food is brought from farms to dining tables. Receiving training in food safety and handling can open up several different career paths for you, some in typical food handling roles but others in inspection and quality assurance. If you’ve been wondering what types of jobs are available out there in food handling and safety, then look no further. Possible Careers Food is.. READ MORE »

Careers in Pharmacovigilance

If we think of a vigilante as someone doing good for the general public, it is easy to understand the need for vigilance in pharmaceuticals. Pharmacovigilance is both a job and a duty within the healthcare sector to monitor, assess and prevent the adverse long and short term effects of medicine. If you have an interest in scientific work and have received a drug safety and pharmacovigilance certificate, there are several careers involved in this field. As an employee in pharmacovigilance, you will use scientific techniques to monitor, research and evaluate data from healthcare providers on the effects of medication.. READ MORE »

Quality Assurance for Medical Marihuana

Marihuana (or cannabis) has been used in medicine for thousands of years. Although in the past century its recreational use has been outlawed, many countries have been researching marihuana for its medical purposes. It has been found that marihuana can provide cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy relief from nausea, vomiting and also help increase appetite. Marihuana has additionally been known to act as a muscle relaxer, a pain reliever and an aid to those who suffer from anxiety. Many of those suffering from illnesses prefer medical marihuana as a natural approach to healthcare. In Canada, medicinal marihuana is currently legal only.. READ MORE »

Wine Plus Exercise Protects Against Cardiovascular Disease

Dating back to ancient Mesopotamia, humans have enjoyed the making and drinking of wine. The health benefits of wine – particularly the red variety – have been praised by everyone from scientists to sommeliers, reinforcing the common belief that a little red wine each day is actually good for our bodies. Clinical research on the subject has been rich and varied, featuring investigations into wine’s potential to protect against depression, breast cancer, the signs of aging, liver disease – and even sunburn! And now, a new study has emerged linking wine consumption with protection against cardiovascular disease (CVD), a condition.. READ MORE »

Food Handling Certificate: An Industry Must-Have

Every year, around 4 million Canadians fall victim to food borne illness. Signs of sickness may set in right away – or take weeks to show themselves. And symptoms range from abdominal pain and vomiting, to disorientation, organ failure, and if untreated even death. With so much of our food undergoing extensive transport, processing, and handling, it makes sense that food safety training would be of the utmost concern to health officials, producers, and consumers. In 2006, Toronto city council passed a Food Handler by-law that makes it necessary for owner/operators of food establishments to have at least one supervisor.. READ MORE »