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Student Success Story!

Sharing these success stories makes us proud to know we have be able to help change lives. Dear AAPS, As a graduate of the QA/QC program at AAPS College, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and appreciation for such an amazing program. I am working as a QA Document Control Administrator in SGS Canada now. I would like to inform that it was a great experience. The instructors and staffs were incredibly professional, respectful, and supportive. The materials selected to teach in different subjects were exactly what I need for my job. I would recommend these.. READ MORE »

A Quick Look at EpiPens for Those Interested in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs

Across the country, many Canadians live with serious allergies capable of leading to anaphylaxis. This is an extreme allergic reaction that includes symptoms such as headaches, difficulty breathing, hives, and more. In some cases, it may occur at the same time as or lead to anaphylactic shock, which is a drop in blood pressure to dangerously low levels that makes it difficult for organs to receive blood. In all cases, a severe allergic reaction is a medical emergency. Every year, approximately 3,500 Canadians will experience anaphylaxis. For the majority of those who do experience it, a nearby EpiPen quickly administered.. READ MORE »

Student Success Story!

Sharing these success stories makes us proud to know we have be able to help change lives. Dear AAPS, Taking the Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Science’s Cannabis Management, Quality & Laboratory course was the one of the best decisions for my career. Not only are the teachers all friendly, they are also all extremely knowledgeable in their field, with real life experiences to share. The class sizes are small and intimate, making for the perfect learning environment. I was also very impressed with how well this school keeps up to date with changes in the industry, as it is constantly.. READ MORE »

Coconut Oil: The Controversial Food that’s Causing Debate in Nutrition and Health Programs

Over the last few years, few foods have enjoyed the soaring boom in popularity experienced by coconut oil. Fuelled by rumours that the oil offered many different health benefits, sales skyrocketed all over Canada and the world. And while coconut oil has been touted to improve everything from dental health to hair, it’s primarily used as a cooking oil and healthy ingredient for various different recipes. However, these early preconceptions may have actually missed the mark. According to recent findings, coconut oil may not be all that beneficial after all. In fact, it’s actually considered by many to be a.. READ MORE »

Student Success Story!

Sharing these success stories makes us proud to know we have be able to help change lives. Dear AAPS, I am a graduate of the Cannabis – Management, Quality and Laboratory certificate Program (January 2018 graduation – the first group of students to take this course when it was first introduced!). I just wanted to let you guys know that I have recently accepted a position working with Canntrust as their Document Coordinator. I start in a couple of weeks, and I am super excited. I will say, it did take me a while to find this position. But at.. READ MORE »

Cannabis Dosage Forms: Beware of these Key Differences After Medical Cannabis Training

The reputation of cannabis as a therapeutic pain reliever has made it a popular treatment option for individuals with a variety of ailments aiming to reduce their discomfort. However, the form and amount of the dosage is an important factor that is rarely considered and something individuals curious about cannabis management and quality should be aware of. The dosage form of the drug can make a big difference in how the medicinal ingredients are affected and transported. It is important that the therapeutic factors remain consistent during intake and the proper dosage form is administered. Here is some information on.. READ MORE »

A Look at the History of Aspirin for Students in Pharmaceutical Courses

Aspirin is a popular medication used for a variety of conditions. Throughout its significant history, it has become a trusted option for the public to turn to when faced with ailments such as pain, migraines, and inflammation. As professionals working in the medical industry may know, nearly 100 billion tablets are ingested each year. With many benefits surrounding this common medication, Aspirin has a significant story behind its development. For students considering a career in the pharmaceutical industry, here is a summary of this impressive history. The Early History of Aspirin for Students in Pharmaceutical Courses Long before its approval.. READ MORE »