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A Clinical Research Success Story: Tolulope Adegbite

Embarking on clinical research training abroad is a transformative experience for many students but can present multiple challenges. International students encounter numerous obstacles, such as acclimating to an unfamiliar culture, mastering the intricacies of a foreign educational system, and learning to navigate the complexities of new workplace norms and professional etiquette. Our students prioritize gaining the knowledge crucial for their future achievements. Equally, they value the availability of a robust support system to ensure their success. Exploring the possibility of studying at AAPS brings you closer to discovering many inspiring success stories. Many of our students once faced uncertainty about.. READ MORE »

4 Types Of Food Hazards To Remember After Food Safety Training

Professionals with food safety training are responsible for identifying, preventing, and managing all types of food production and handling risks. Their work helps secure public health by reducing food contamination and foodborne illnesses. Food safety training equips these professionals with the knowledge, skills, and resources to carry out their duties effectively. One of these duties is identifying and eliminating food hazards before they threaten the public’s welfare. However, not all food hazards are the same. While some can be easily measured and removed, others require more intricate actions. Here’s a look at four distinct types of food hazards that food.. READ MORE »

Considering a Cannabis Course? Learn About the Cannabis Act and Watch Our Webinar

Are you interested in a career in the booming Canadian cannabis industry and contemplating enrolling in a cannabis course to set you on the way? The Canadian cannabis industry remains one of the most strictly regulated in the world. With the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis legislation, staying informed about the latest changes to the Cannabis Act is crucial for anyone looking to make a mark in the cannabis industry. At AAPS, we provide comprehensive cannabis education while ensuring our students are up-to-date with the most recent legislative adjustments. This blog post highlights the stipulations of the current cannabis act to.. READ MORE »