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An Overview of the Food Technology Involved in Creating Yogurt

The prevalence of bacteria in yogurt products seems strange to many people starting food safety training, so here’s a look at why it’s necessary.

How Cannabis for Medical Purposes Is Helping Patients With Arthritis

The growing awareness about the benefits of CBD oil is an exciting development for arthritis patients. In fact, many of them have been speaking out for years about the health benefits they claim to have experienced from using medical cannabis. One in five Canadians live every day with arthritis, a condition which causes pain and limits movement by attacking a person’s joints and tissues. There is no known cure for arthritis, which means that any progress in limiting its symptoms is seen as a significant medical breakthrough. Medical cannabis could be an avenue for such progress, so here’s what has been.. READ MORE »

A Quick History of the WHO for Students in Quality Assurance Courses

International co-operation has become the political norm after both world wars highlighted the dire consequences of division between powerful countries. Global organizations, like the United Nations (UN), serve a vital purpose in quelling potential tension between states and in promoting international collaboration. This type of collaboration has also led to proactive steps being taken in the battle against deadly diseases, through the establishment of the World Health Organization (WHO). The remit of the WHO has developed over the decades since its creation. It also makes significant attempts to ensure the safety of medicines produced and administered in its 193 member.. READ MORE »

Pharmaceutical Jobs Spotlight: Become a Pharmaceutical Project Manager After Graduation

Project managers possess excellent technical and interpersonal skills, and it’s a rewarding career which opens up after pharmacovigilance training.