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Testing Medicinal Marihuana as a Quality Assurance Specialist

Applications of marihuana in medicine dates back over 4,000 years. Ancient Indian writings confirm that health practitioners recognized marihuana’s psychoactive properties, and used it to treat a variety of illnesses and ailments. Today, doctors can recommend marihuana as a treatment for a wide range of diseases and chronic conditions wherever its use for medicinal purposes is allowed. Read on to learn more about medical marihuana use, Canadian quality standards, and what quality assurance labs look for when testing medical marihuana. Understanding Marihuana’s Medicinal Properties Cannabinoids are a group of chemical compounds found in the marihuana plant. Cannabinoids reacting with certain.. READ MORE »

New Post-Graduate Programs

The human body is an incredible machine capable of performing astonishing accomplishments in sport performance. Trainers, athletes and coaches around the world recognize the role nutrition plays in achieving success in sport. Whether it is enhancing recovery between competitions and workouts, developing optimal gains for training programs, achieving and maintain an ideal body weight or reducing the risk of injury, understanding the interaction between diet, health and exerciseis vital to succeed. AAPS is happy to announce our newest created for those who wish to extend their knowledge, advance their career or pursue research in nutrition, health and sport. Developed by.. READ MORE »

Students Discuss the Ethical Implications of Global Clinical Research for Pharmacovigilance

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a system that safely monitors the creation of pharmaceutical products is only part of the challenge a Clinical Research associate faces. Each country around the world encounters unique medical problems and chooses to respond to their health care needs in respective ways. Consideration of international health systems and cultural differences are required in the Global Studies of Pharmacovigilance. Last week, AAPS’ Global Clinical Research for Pharmacovigilance class discussed the ethical and scientific implications of Global Clinical Research. Students took the opportunity to discuss their professional experience working in a variety of international settings. The students engaged in a discussion about.. READ MORE »

Recognizing Signs of Poor Nutrition in Seniors

Rising senior populations in Canada means that we increasingly require the expertise of professionals who understand the specific dietary needs of the elderly. Seniors are more vulnerable to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. They have less energy to prepare meals, and weaker taste buds also make food less exciting to eat. On top of this, financial problems might mean that they skip out on important nutrient-rich foods. They are also more likely to suffer from illnesses, or take medications that affect the way their bodies absorb nutrients. As a result, seniors face more challenges in maintaining a healthy diet. For nutritionists.. READ MORE »

Dean Laleh Bighash Speaks at the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Conference

On June 10, 2015 hundreds of attendees from all over Canada gathered for the second annual   Various representatives from licensed producers to testing labs, lawyers and lobbying experts were in attendance to discuss the Canadian cannabis industry. COO and Dean of Pharmaceutical and Scientific Affairs Laleh Bighash was invited to speak at the conference about her extensive experience working with Health Canada and guiding clients through the application to become a Licensed Producer under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). The application to produce marihuana for medical purposes is strict and rigorous. A strong understanding of the key.. READ MORE »

How Vegetarians Meet Nutritional Needs for Training

Every athlete has their own unique nutritional needs designed for their training, body composition and with their performance goals in mind. These professionals work closely with a sports nutritionist to make sure that their bodies get the proteins, fiber, carbohydrates, minerals and nutrients that they need to perform at their best. For vegetarian athletes, the need to follow a balanced and well-structured diet is even more important. Without a properly balanced diet, they can suffer from problems such as: Fatigue Decreased performance Vitamin and mineral deficiencies Fortunately, with the help of a trained nutritionist, vegetarian athletes can get all of.. READ MORE »

Students Learn HPLC Techniques

Last week, AAPS’  HPLC students visited our simulated QC laboratory to expand on their knowledge of content uniformity. Guided by their instructor Jason Chu, students demonstrated their ability to determine the variability of acetaminophen tablets. Using HPLC, students were able to separate and identify the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) of their samples. Before applying the analytical technique, they first had to prepare the mobile phase and set up HPLC instruments. Once they completed their experiment, they were asked to process their findings using Empower, validated software, which allows the user to control chromatography instruments and process data for HPLC, UPLC and Gas Chromatography. Proficiency in HPLC and HPLC data analysis software are.. READ MORE »

Sanitation Program for Medical Marihuana

On June 5, 2015 AAPS hosted a Sanitation Program for Medical Marijuana Workshop. Led by AAPS’ Food Safety and Quality program coordinator, Pirouz Yousefian, the workshop was constructed to guide participants through Division 4 of the MMPR, Good Production Practices. Attendees were guided through the sanitation requirements suitable for Licensed Producers of Medical Marijuana and instructed on how to write, develop and install an effective sanitation program to ensure and maintain cleanly conditions. Preventative vs Reactive When it comes to dealing with contamination in laboratory settings, it is important to be implementing preventative measures rather than reactive. “Installing and developing an.. READ MORE »

5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Food Industry

People have become much more conscious of the food products that they purchase and consume. In fact, now more than ever before, we are checking food labels to ensure that the products we select meet the levels of protein, carbohydrates, sugar and sodium that food experts deem healthy. However, have you ever stopped to consider that major players in the food industry could be leaving a few ingredients off of that label, or even overstating just how healthy a product actually is? If you are pursuing a career in food safety, read on to learn a few facts about the.. READ MORE »

Marijuana for Medical Purposes Summit (June 10-11)

After the tremendous success of last year’s conference, the International Pharmaceutical Academy (IPA), in association with AAPS, will be hosting its second annual . This two day workshop will take place on June 10 and June 11 at the  Guest speakers at this year’s conference include various representatives from licensed producers, testing labs, lawyers, lobbying experts and many more, all with extensive experience in the cannabis industry in Canada.  Their seminars will cover everything from the importance of lobbying with Federal government departments for MMPR to current medical marihuana production challenges and Health Canada inspections. The 2 days of workshops will be geared towards QA/QC, Regulatory,.. READ MORE »