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Scientists Shed “New Light” on Cancer Treatment

A quick search of cancer statistics reveals that two out of five Canadians can expect to be diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime, and that one out of four will not survive their battle with cancer. Anyone who has had clinical research training can tell you that cancer has become one of the leading causes of death in Canada. As this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness month nears its end, some promising news in cancer research is certainly a welcome surprise. The most recent innovative stride is in phototherapy – a treatment that promises patients some relief from the invasive.. READ MORE »

McDonald’s Campaign Seeks to Improve Reputation

As a restaurant chain existing since 1940 and serving 86 million customers every day, McDonald’s certainly has a reputation—both good and bad. In recent years, this reputation has begun to dwindle with the release of documentaries like “Supersize Me” posing serious questions about the health effects of the restaurant’s food. As our attitude (and education about) food evolves, McDonald’s must try even harder to win over customers who are far more likely to exchange burgers and fries for green beans and quinoa. Last year, the company saw a 1.5% dip in sales, following a 0.2% dip from the year before… READ MORE »

Food Safety and the Regulation of Energy Drinks

As the go-to caffeine buzz for college students and high schoolers, health officials have long been skeptical about the effects of energy drinks. With their lack of nutritional labelling, energy drinks are a huge concern for the health of young people. Packed with sugar, high caffeine levels, taurine (increases energy levels) and ginseng, energy drinks have long been claimed as a health product—something which is now changing. After several deaths related to the consumption of energy drinks, and many others who claim energy drink companies use false advertising, government regulatory affairs has stepped in to change the way energy drinks.. READ MORE »

The Process of Bringing Drugs to the Market

Pharmaceutical drugs are chemical substances formulated to cure, treat or prevent an illness. They can be classified as oral contraceptives, painkillers, antimalarial, antibiotics, stimulants and antiseptics to name a few, and can be administered in various forms including vaccination, tablet, topical cream or capsule. Drugs are crucial to preventing sicknesses from spreading, and also help us live daily life with less interference from pain and sickness. While it may seem like new drugs are appearing on the market every day, you can be assured that all drugs must undergo a standard procedure of research, trials and FDA approval before they.. READ MORE »