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What Students Preparing for Regulatory Affairs Careers Need to Know About the FDA & EMA

Students pursuing regulatory affairs careers should become familiar with the FDA and EMA, two international agencies that play a crucial role in drug approval.

Keeping Food Safe When Catering: 3 Challenges Pros With Food Handling Certification Know to Watch For

Can foods be safely transported? Does the venue have enough refrigerator space? Discover the challenges caterers with food handling certification know to overcome.

Will AI Play an Important Role in Quality Assurance and Quality Control Careers?

The pharmaceutical industry is deeply connected to the technology sector, and frequently benefits from technological innovations and discovery. One particular sphere of technological innovation that has been making waves in many industries, including pharmaceuticals, is artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence is a broad term that refers to computer systems that perform tasks that would normally have required human intelligence. Practically speaking, this includes tools and methods like machine learning, neural networks, and more. As a student pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry, you may be wondering: How could AI impact my career path? Keep reading to learn more about.. READ MORE »

Student Success Story!

Sharing these success stories makes us proud to know we have be able to help change lives. Dear AAPS: I am writing to you to express my feelings of appreciation and gratitude for you, Ms. Laleh and all AAPS staff, as I landed the position as QC Chemist in Apotex. I am positive that the great teaching material and the close mentorship offered at the school will be of great help to me in my future career. Thank you, and all the best wishes for more success and achievements. Regards, Samira Shirazi Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Quality Control Graduate SEE.. READ MORE »

4 Fall Superfoods to Recommend After Nutrition and Health Courses

From cranberries to Brussel sprouts, discover which superfoods you might recommend after your nutrition and health courses. Read our blog to learn more!