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3 Drugs Athletes Are Banned From Using and What Students in Nutrition and Health Programs Need to Know

It’s no secret that some athletes use drugs to improve their performance. This unethical practice creates an uneven playing field and can skew the results of a competition. In addition, doping can also negatively affect the athlete taking the drug. Fortunately, professionals working in fitness, health, and nutrition can make a difference by being aware of the most common drugs athletes use, as well as warning signs and symptoms that a client might be using them. If you’re considering becoming a nutrition and health professional, you may soon learn that doping can have serious consequences. Read on to learn more.. READ MORE »

Should You Take Online or Onsite Pharmaceutical Courses? How to Choose the Best Option for Your Needs

Are you considering enrolling in pharmaceutical courses? If so, the future looks promising. The pharmaceutical industry in Canada and around the world is growing, opening up many opportunities for new graduates to start their careers. Taking courses at a top pharmaceutical school makes all the difference. AAPS is known for producing well-rounded, qualified, and capable students. As a result, our graduates, whether they study online or onsite, have the highest employment rate in the entire industry. If you’re trying to decide whether to enroll in online or onsite classes, read on to learn more about how to choose the best.. READ MORE »

Studying Food Quality Control? How Chemical Processes Can Affect Food

When a food changes, whether while cooking, rotting, or browning, a complex chemical process is taking place. These chemical processes can make our food tastier, change texture, or even go bad and make us sick. As a result, food quality professionals around the world need to understand the chemical processes that affect food. By understanding what’s going on within our food on a microscopic level, professionals can take extra precautions to keep them delicious and safe to eat. If you’re considering enrolling in a food quality diploma program, read on to discover several important chemical processes that can affect food… READ MORE »

3 Valuable Skills You’ll Learn in a Pharmacovigilance Program

Do you want to start a promising career that allows you to help Canadians across the country stay safe and healthy? If you become a clinical trial and pharmacovigilance professional, you can do just that. Professionals in this field are responsible for the safety of drugs and medical devices. They also make sure that clinical trials are conducted safely and adhere to proper protocol. By ensuring that clinical trials run smoothly, pharmacovigilance professionals help expedite the process of getting life-changing pharmaceuticals to market. These pharmaceuticals can make a huge difference in the lives of people suffering from disease, illness, or.. READ MORE »