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Is Clinical Research a Good Career Path? 3 Reasons to Earn Your Certification

Clinical research plays a key role in the Healthcare industry. Consequently, it’s an essential and rapidly growing field, with many career opportunities available for individuals with the necessary skills and qualifications. Our Clinical Research Diploma program provides comprehensive training for students interested in clinical research careers in pharma. Beyond this, it opens up several opportunities for rewarding and fulfilling careers in various organizations committed to improving the quality of people’s lives.  In this blog, we will explore the question of whether clinical research is a good career path and provide three reasons why earning certification in this field can benefit.. READ MORE »

The State Of Pharma Conference: 5 Reasons You Should Attend

The State of Pharma Conference is a virtual pharmaceutical conference that brings together professionals from all areas of the pharmaceutical industry. The conference, which takes place on May 11, is designed to provide attendees with the latest insights, trends, and best practices in the field, as well as opportunities to connect with peers and industry leaders.  The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most important sectors for global health, and it is constantly evolving. With so much hinging on their knowledge and performance, professionals in this industry need to maintain sharp, cutting-edge skills to keep up with the ever-changing realities.. READ MORE »

What Can You Do With a Food Technology Diploma? 3 Career Opportunities To Explore

The food industry is a constantly evolving sector that involves the application of scientific knowledge to develop new products, improve production processes, and ensure food safety and quality. Consequently and unsurprisingly, food technology has become an increasingly popular field of study among students interested in a career in the food industry. The Food and Edible Technology, Safety and Quality diploma at AAPS equips graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to put the fundamentals of quality control into practice and also pursue a range of career opportunities in the industry. Our rigorous curriculum is created to be equally effective for.. READ MORE »

International Women’s Day

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, the Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences (AAPS) would like to take a moment to honor and recognize the countless contributions made by women in the field of pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals play a critical role in maintaining and improving our health, and women have been instrumental in advancing this field. From developing new medications to conducting clinical trials and ensuring drug safety, women have played a key role in every aspect of pharmaceuticals. At AAPS, we are proud to have many talented women as part of our faculty, staff, and student body. These women bring a.. READ MORE »

What is the Future of Work?

The future of work is being shaped by a variety of trends and developments that are transforming the way we work, including: Trends and Developments Remote work: The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend toward remote work, and many experts believe that it will become more widespread in the future as technology continues to improve. Automation: Advances in automation and artificial intelligence are leading to the automation of many jobs, which could result in the displacement of some workers but also the creation of new types of jobs. Gig economy: The gig economy, which refers to a labor market characterized.. READ MORE »

What Is Clinical Research? An Overview For Those Considering Clinical Research Training

Clinical research is the process of investigating medical treatments, drugs, and devices in human subjects to evaluate their safety and efficacy. It is a vital aspect of healthcare and has significantly contributed to the development of innovative treatments and cures for various diseases. For those interested in undergoing Clinical Research training, AAPS’ Clinical Research, Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance Certificate courses offer a direct pathway to the attainment of a full understanding of Clinical Research and what it entails. The program also helps students achieve a holistic and comprehensive understanding of Good Clinical Practices, Standard Operating Procedures, and relevant industrial legislation,.. READ MORE »