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What You Need To Know About The Listeria Fruit Recall

Many people don’t realize that through cross-contamination, even vegetarians can contract food poisoning from animal-carried pathogens – as was the case with Listeria-tainted Sweet 2 Eat products.

Novartis Partners With Google On Smart Lens Technology

Novartis will collaborate with Google to offer patients the new Smart Lens, an ocular device that uses miniature electronics to help the eye focus better, and can also measure the body’s glucose levels by analyzing tears.

Wearable Tech Revolutionizes Trial Data Collection

Wearable health-tracking technology is changing the way trial researchers collect and analyze big data, transforming test subjects into active research collaborators and widening the scope of clinical research.

Novartis Faces Criminal Charges in Japan Diovan Scandal

Last year, Japanese whistleblowers exposed the falsification of trial data for Diovan – Novartis’ blockbuster blood pressure drug. Ultimately, the ensuing investigation led to the arrest of one man, Nobuo Shirahashi, who was accused of manipulating the Diovan data and skewing the clinical research published by two Japanese universities. Last month, Shirahashi was detained for questioning and then recently re-arrested only days ago as more evidence emerged to link him to the falsified test results. Now, it seems both Novartis and its ex-employee with face criminal charges for misleading consumers about the range of Diovan’s therapeutic powers. Exaggerated Claims Novartis’.. READ MORE »

Diabetes Drug Shows Weight Loss Power

It seems that alternative applications for diabetes drugs are popping up all over the place. We recently discussed clinical research out of Belgium that revealed the unexpected anti-aging properties of metformin – the world’s most used diabetes medication. It actually toughens up cells so they stay stronger and live longer, keeping the signs of aging at bay. And now, at a recent meeting of the Endocrine Society in Chicago, researcher Dr. F. Xavier Pi-Sunyer announced that a different type 2 diabetes treatment called Liraglutide not only promotes weight loss, but also reverses the course of pre-diabetes. Competitive Results The study.. READ MORE »