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Understanding Cleaning Techniques as a Plant Sanitation Worker

Graduates of food safety training programs will often move on to pursue careers in quality assurance, regulatory affairs, or perhaps even plant sanitation. Professionals working in plant sanitation recognize that cleaning and disinfecting are some of the most important activities that can be performed in a food production plant. Many of us have been exposed to the consequences of an unsanitary food plant – whether it was by personally consuming bacteria-ridden food or hearing about someone else’s unfortunate experience. Failure to produce food items in a hygienic environment can result in the spread of food-borne illnesses as well as food.. READ MORE »

Fast-Food Chains Make Changes to Promote Children’s Health

You’ve no doubt seen several fast-food chains offer up more nutritional meal options lately, like McDonald’s and Subway who both have “fresh” or “fit” meal choices on their menus. However, some players in the industry have now introduced an even bolder idea for making their menus healthier, and it might actually make a difference in reducing the high child obesity and diabetes rates that plague North Americans. If you are planning to pursue pharmaceutical training or clinical research training, you’ll want to keep tabs on this trend – and how changes to fast-food menus might even impact the business of.. READ MORE »

Is Organic Food Truly Healthier?

Passing by the produce section of the grocery store, you might switch it up and decide to get the organic Red Delicious apples, which cost twice as much as the non-organic. In the cracker, cereal, bread and yogurt aisles, you’re again given the option of alluring organic brands. Many people spend more on organic because they associate the term with a healthier and more wholesome product – but is this really true? What is “Organic”? Organic products rarely make the claim that they are “healthier” – this is instead a result of effective food marketing. Anyone in food quality training can.. READ MORE »

Sleepless in the 21st Century: Why is Reliance on Sleep-Aids Growing?

“It’s been a hard day’s night and I’ve been working like a dog/It’s been a hard day’s night – I should be sleeping like a log.” The Beatles could not have possibly known that one of their hit singles would grow ever more relevant for today’s sleep-deprived masses. These days it seems as though everyone has work on their minds – and when you consider that life has become much more complex and stressful over the past decade or so, it’s no wonder we’re so restless. So where has all our sleep gone? (And how can we get it back!).. READ MORE »