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How the 4th Industrial Revolution Could Impact the Industry for Pros With a Clinical Research Diploma

According to many experts, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is just around the corner. The world experienced its first industrial revolution in the 1800s when steam power and equipment for mechanical production was introduced. The Second Industrial Revolution took place in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when electricity and mass production became commonplace. The Third Industrial Revolution, beginning in 1969, occurred when electronics and IT took the world by storm. Now in 2017, we are fast approaching what many believe to be another industrial revolution. The Fourth Industrial Revolution will dramatically change many industries. With the invention and introduction.. READ MORE »

What Is High Performance Liquid Chromatography Method Validation?

Businesses of many kinds—including some that deal with pharmaceuticals, food, the environment, and other areas—use high performance liquid chromatography to separate organic and inorganic compounds for analysis and research. This technique is relatively easy to use, and by mastering it, it’s possible to put yourself on the path to a variety of careers. These potential careers include working as a pharmaceutical laboratory technician, a quality control and assurance analyst, an HPLC analyst, and more. Regardless of the industry, it’s important that HPLC work is completed in accordance with a validated method. This can help ensure that results align with the.. READ MORE »

3 Tips for Improved Teamwork During Food Technology Training

Working as part of a team during your studies is an exciting opportunity to gain valuable teamwork skills before starting your career. Although teamwork may not always be easy, collaborating with a diverse group of individuals can help you achieve even more than you would have working on your own. Being an effective team member that contributes in a positive way requires practice and awareness. You don’t necessarily have to be a leader or be outgoing to be a great asset to your team. Every single person in a team has something unique to contribute to the group’s success. Read.. READ MORE »

Students in Pharmaceutical Quality Control: 3 Things to Know About Contract Manufacturing Organizations

Many pharmaceutical companies will develop, test, trial, and manufacture their own drugs and products. However, performing all of these duties is extremely time consuming and requires a lot of resources. Researchers, laboratory equipment, manufacturing equipment, and quality assurance personnel all come at a premium. Because of these costs, many pharmaceutical and biopharm companies are now outsourcing their manufacturing processes. Companies that provide this outsourcing service are called contract manufacturing organizations. As a future quality control and assurance professional, here’s what you need to know about contract manufacturing organizations. Contract Manufacturing Organizations Are Hired to Fulfill Many Duties Contract manufacturing organizations.. READ MORE »

3 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions Recommended by Pros With a Diploma in Nutrition

With the New Year on the horizon, professional nutritionists everywhere will be trusted by their clients to help develop clean-eating resolutions. The New Year is a chance to start fresh and recover from any holiday indulgence. Once you become a nutritionist, you can help your clients by creating practical and realistic nutritional goals. Are you interested in enrolling in nutritionist training? Here are three resolution ideas you could recommend to clients once you begin your career. 1. Pros with a Diploma in Nutrition Recommend Consuming more Omega-3 Fatty Acids A great New Year’s resolution you can recommend to your clients.. READ MORE »