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Direct Patient Reporting and What it Means for Students in Clinical Research Training

Students in clinical research training should be aware of direct patient reporting and its impact on pharmacovigilance programs. Here’s what you need to know.

Join us at the UC Alumni Salon Series

You’re invited to a UC Alumni Salon Talk with Laleh Bighash on Education Barriers for the New Immigrant

Student Success Story!

Sharing these success stories makes us proud to know we have be able to help change lives. Dear AAPS, I am so excited to tell you that I got a job offer from Bimeda Company as QC Analyst I. I know what I learned at AAPS will be very helpful and useful. I am so glad that I chose the right school and I will recommend AAPS to others who want to work in the Pharmaceutical industry. Best Regards, Sandeep Trivedi Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Quality Control Graduate SEE MORE: Student Success Story!

Superfood or Superhype? What Graduates in Nutrition and Health Programs Are Saying About Moringa

Though growing in popularity, moringa may still be unfamiliar to some. Also known as drumstick tree, it is native to India, but has also been widely cultivated across Asia, Africa, and South America. The leaves, the most popular part of the tree, have a pleasant, slightly bitter taste, and can be cooked down like spinach, or dried and ground into a powder, which can then be used in teas or smoothies. The bean pods, known as drumsticks, are also used for cooking, and have a taste similar to green beans, though slightly sweeter. It’s the nutritional and therapeutic benefits of.. READ MORE »

5 Things for Students in Medical Device to Know About Drug Delivery Implants

Students in pharmaceutical school take note: pill regimens and daily injections could soon be replaced with advanced medical implants that do the dosing for you.

An Overview of What Students Can Expect in Their Career After Quality Assurance Training

A profession in the pharmaceutical sector means complying with responsibilities and guidelines that ensure the safety and effectiveness of drugs and medical devices. Since these guidelines aim at reducing and preventing errors, it is a process that demands diligence and integrity since professionals must consistently adhere to high standards. There are a number of guidelines and procedures that must be followed and monitored in order to strengthen both the manufacturing process and end-user delivery. Quality assurance professionals work at the heart of this, helping to ensure that standards are adhered to throughout facilities. They may even help train staff on.. READ MORE »

What Students in Food Safety Training Need to Know About the Matcha Trend

Often, certain ingredients make their way into the public sphere and catch the population’s attention because of their rumoured health benefits. This is certainly the case with matcha, which has ballooned in popularity in recent years. But before individuals can consume matcha, there are a number of processes it must undergo before the ingredient is ready for consumption. For those aiming to enter the food industry, learn what there is to know about matcha. What is Matcha? Matcha is a ground powder made from a plant called camellia sinensis, which is the same plant used to make teas. What separates.. READ MORE »