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Astellas Pharma Tries Grassroots Lobbying Advertising To Change Pharmaceutical Rule in BC

Astellas Pharma Canada has launched a BC campaign to build public awareness of their new incontinence treatments. Although both drugs are approved for sale in the country, currently neither has the approval for subsidy by BC’s Pharmacare. Rather than reaching out to the government via direct lobbying, Astellas is trying another solution and has launched a nationwide incontinence awareness campaign, “It’s Urgent” While every drug that’s approved in Canada can be sold in Canadian pharmacies, what the average consumer does not know is that not all pharmaceuticals are equally subsidized. Because Canadian health care is the responsibility of the province,.. READ MORE »

WHO Deems Local Medical Research Key to Universal Healthcare Coverage

After the World Health Report launch for 2013, the WHO is calling on countries to improve their investment in local research to help develop better universal health coverage plans. Even in countries that prefer a more privatized system than Canada, governments have a strong role to play in making sure that health standards are maintained. There are many reasons for this. For example making sure that everyone eligible in a population receives vaccinations to childhood illnesses provides “herd immunity” meaning that if a disease is introduced into the population (for example, from a country that does not have the presence.. READ MORE »

China Probes Drug Manufacturing and Corrects Corruption

China announces it is deepening its ongoing fraud investigation into the pharmaceutical industry. The probe seeks to make the Chinese market more competitive, removing corruption from the system to ensure that China’s standards for pharmaceuticals match the rest of the developed world. Although revelations of bribery and regulation evasion sound like a PR nightmare, in practice, it is part of the necessary growing pains to encourage more companies to invest in the country. While many major pharmaceutical companies have offices in the world’s most populous nation, including Eli Lily, Astra Zenca and Pfizer, and have had established footholds for decades,.. READ MORE »

Pfizer Embarks on Massive Internal Reorganization

The international pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, has announced a plan to break its entire structure into three segments, two focused on their Innovative line and one on their Value line.  Pfizer employs nearly 3,000 Canadians in six locations across the country, and was ranked one of Canada’s top 100 employers for 2012 in a Globe and Mail survey. With products ranging from Celebrex to Chapstick, Pfizer has decided that the split will allow it the flexibility to function as three separate business entities. This is expected to come into effect in 2014, starting with countries that do not require prior union.. READ MORE »