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Upskill for Success: Reflections From Clinical Research Graduate Sowmya Ramachandran

“The only constant in the universe is change,” observes the Greek philosopher Heraclitus. This saying rings especially true in clinical research and pharmacovigilance, a field characterized by rapid advancements and evolving regulations. In this dynamic environment, upskilling – the continuous acquisition of new skills and knowledge – is necessary. This blog post explores the compelling advantages of upskilling for clinical research professionals, drawing on the inspiring story of Sowmya Ramachandran, a recent AAPS graduate who leveraged upskilling to propel her career forward. Building a Strong Foundation in India Sowmya, a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) from India, boasts a rich background.. READ MORE »

What Is The Canadian Drug Agency? A Guide For Students In Clinical Research Training

As the Canadian healthcare system undergoes a significant transformation, clinical research training becomes increasingly crucial. The newly established Canadian Drug Agency (CDA) plays a pivotal role in this evolution, exemplifying the need for professionals skilled in navigating clinical research frameworks. The creation of the CDA in December 2023 marks a significant stride towards a more efficient, equitable, and sustainable pharmaceutical system in Canada. The CDA aims to address issues by providing dedicated leadership and fostering collaboration across stakeholders within the pharmaceutical system. For clinical research students at AAPS, understanding the role and structure of the CDA is crucial in navigating.. READ MORE »

How to succeed in the Pharmaceutical Industry? Insights From Atikur Talukder’s Journey

The world of pharmaceutical manufacturing demands meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality assurance. Atikur Talukder, a leading expert in advanced GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and auditing at AAPS embodies these qualities. A seasoned pharmaceutical professional with a rich background in commercial manufacturing, quality assurance, and R&D, Atikur epitomizes the dedication required to achieve and maintain high standards in this field. His journey provides invaluable insights for those aspiring to excel in pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality assurance. In this blog post, Atikur shares his insights on navigating the ever-evolving world of pharmaceutical regulations and offers invaluable advice for.. READ MORE »