AAPS clinical research graduate Sowmya Ramachandran

Upskill for Success: Reflections From Clinical Research Graduate Sowmya Ramachandran

“The only constant in the universe is change,” observes the Greek philosopher Heraclitus. This saying rings especially true in clinical research and pharmacovigilance, a field characterized by rapid advancements and evolving regulations. In this dynamic environment, upskilling – the continuous acquisition of new skills and knowledge – is necessary.

This blog post explores the compelling advantages of upskilling for clinical research professionals, drawing on the inspiring story of Sowmya Ramachandran, a recent AAPS graduate who leveraged upskilling to propel her career forward.

Building a Strong Foundation in India

Sowmya, a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) from India, boasts a rich background in clinical research. Before enrolling at AAPS, she had extensive experience working as a clinical pharmacist and senior clinical research coordinator in Bangalore, India.

She had even managed clinical trials in oncology and COVID-19, which provided her with a robust foundation in clinical research. Sowmya recalls, “After working in clinical research for two years, I felt that my career was quite stagnating.”

A senior clinical research coordinator looking at scan results on their computer

Before enrolling at AAPS, Sowmya had experience as a senior clinical research coordinator.

The Decision to Upskill

Realizing the need for further education, Sowmya started exploring courses that could help her advance her career. “I was looking to upgrade myself and learn new skills from Canada,” she explains. This yearning for growth prompted her to seek a program that would equip her with the necessary tools to excel in the Canadian clinical research landscape. She discovered the clinical research training at AAPS College.

What drew Sowmya to AAPS’ Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance program was the program’s online delivery format. This flexibility allowed her to pursue her studies in India, seamlessly integrating them with her existing commitments. “The best part of AAPS is that the course was offered online so that I could study and complete the course from India,” she says.

A clinical research training graduate attending an online Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance class

AAPS’ Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance program has an online delivery format.

Transition to Canada and the AAPS Experience

In June 2023, Sowmya boldly moved to Canada to broaden her career prospects. The experience at AAPS was immediately transformative for her. The approachable staff and the meticulously designed curriculum ensured she was well-prepared for the job market. She noted that the webinars offered by AAPs provide industry-specific skills for students and that the curriculum offered by AAPS has propelled her clinical research career in Canada.

The comprehensive curriculum covered various aspects of clinical research and pharmacovigilance, equipping Sowmya with the expertise needed to excel in her field. Upon her arrival, she connected with the Career Services Department at AAPS. The support and guidance she received were instrumental in her job search. Sowmya shares, “I found an internship opportunity within a month.”

An image of two hands shaking representing a successful interview and job placement

The Career Services Department at AAPS helped Sowmya launch her pharmaceutical career.

Looking Ahead After Clinical Research Training

Reflecting on her journey, Sowmya is grateful for the opportunities and support she received from AAPS. This experience reaffirmed the importance of continuous learning and adapting to industry changes. The decision to upskill has opened new doors for her, and she is excited about her prospects in clinical research.

For anyone considering a career in clinical research or looking to enhance their skills, Sowmya highly recommends AAPS. The courses are designed to meet the demands of the job market, and the support from the Career Services Department is unparalleled. Whether you are a fresh graduate or a professional seeking to upskill, AAPS College provides the right platform to achieve your career goals.

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