Student Success Story: Clinical Research Training Grad Asha Naik

An image of Asha Naik under the AAPS Logo after completing her clinical research training

According to Albert Einstein, the only source of knowledge is experience. This quote perfectly captures the spirit of clinical research training. It’s a field where theory meets practice, where scientific inquiry intersects with patient well-being. It’s a world constantly evolving, driven by the dedication of individuals like Asha Naik, who are passionate about pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons.

In the latest episode of our student success series, we share the experiences of one of our biggest luminaries, Clinical Research Training Graduate Asha Naik. We hope that Asha’s story inspires you to never relent in pursuing your dreams. Because, just as her story illustrates, a world of exciting opportunities awaits on the other side.

From Freelance Consultant to AAPS

Asha grew up in India, where she bagged her Bachelor’s degree and, later, a Master’s degree in Pharmacy, specializing in Pharmacology. After her education, she settled into a freelance pharmaceutical consultant role, where she thrived at improving patient outcomes at several healthcare institutions and providing hope to hundreds of patients.

However, in 2022, she recognized the need to expand her skillset and future-proof her career. This led her to find the right educational program to propel her aspirations. “I was working as a freelancer consultant, and in 2022, I thought to upgrade myself”, she recalls.

An image of the laboratory Asha worked in during her clinical research training at AAPS

Asha decided to upgrade her skillset with clinical research courses.

Finding the Perfect Fit: Why Clinical Research Training at AAPS?

Asha knew that leaving her comfort zone and country to look for better opportunities in another country was not a decision to be taken lightly. Her margin for error was low; she had to find the right institution for her personally and professionally. So, she devoted a significant amount of time to researching and evaluating various colleges offering clinical research training in North America.

Ultimately, AAPS’ Clinical Research, Pharmacovigilance, and Regulatory Affairs course stood out. The comprehensive curriculum resonated with Asha’s desire to understand the field thoroughly. But beyond the curriculum, Asha was particularly impressed by AAPS’s career services. According to her, “I did research for many colleges. I chose AAPS to advance my knowledge. I chose this course because I think it’s broadened my job search spectrum and the career service of AAPS, it is very helpful.”

An image of the AAPS logo seen throughout the AAPS clinical research training program

After thorough research, Asha finally decided on clinical research training at AAPS.

The Power of Career Support

Asha completed her clinical research courses from AAPS in April 2023. For many foreign students, this is when post-graduation anxiety sets in; securing a job in a foreign country can be an uphill struggle regardless of one’s qualifications. In Asha’s case, though, the opposite is true. Immediately after completing her program, she secured a fulfilling role as a Medical Writer Archive Assistant at Biopharma Services, thanks to the invaluable efforts of AAPS’ career services team. She now works full-time in the Clinical Trials.

Asha highlights the invaluable support she received from AAPS’s career services team. They equipped her with the skills to confidently navigate the job market. From interview preparation to identifying suitable roles, AAPS’s guidance proved instrumental in Asha’s successful transition into the clinical research domain. “They help you to prepare yourself for the interview and how to search for a matching role for yourself,” she added.

Asha having a discussion with a member of our career support team after completing her clinical research training

Asha attributes her success to AAPS’ career support team during her clinical research training.

Reflecting on her experiences up to this point, Asha agrees that her remarkable success underscores the importance of continuous learning. She believes that regardless of your current career stage, there is always time to enhance your skill set and pursue new horizons.

Asha’s story is a beacon of hope and inspiration for individuals with a background in pharmacy or a related field who aspire to enter the dynamic world of clinical research. Asha’s advice to students thinking of following a similar path? Just take that step! “If you have a relative background, then this course and this college is the right choice for future students,” she concludes.

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