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Food Companies Remove Harmful Ingredients from Their Products

North Americans have recently acquired a taste for healthier food options that contain natural ingredients. Simple ingredients with little-to-no chemical additives have grown in demand and major food companies are either getting on board with this trend on their own, or being forced on board by food bloggers and health activists who publicly expose their products as potentially harmful. While many food chains have removed harmful chemicals from their products in European countries, Canada and the US seem to lag behind. If you plan on enrolling in a food safety college in North America, you might be interested in learning.. READ MORE »

Canada’s Food Safety Performance

A recent report by the Conference Board of Canada, in collaboration with the University of Guelph’s Food Institute, found that Canada’s food safety system was ranked the best in the world, as the country tied for first place with Ireland in comparison with 15 other countries. Individuals who have had food safety training know that this particular standing emphasizes Canada’s victory in various areas regarding food safety. These include Canada’s ability to effectively respond to emergencies, and its capability to communicate such emergencies with the public. The results featured in this report were determined by examining three particular areas of.. READ MORE »

The Importance of Using a Food Thermometer

Food thermometers are used to determine the internal temperatures of food items such as eggs, beef, poultry and much more. Anyone who has had food safety training understands that using a thermometer to take the temperature of food is the only way to accurately measure whether or not the product has been thoroughly cooked. Because bacteria like Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria can live and grow in uncooked food, ensuring that these items have reached their proper cooking temperatures will also guarantee that any lingering bacteria is killed in the process. This means that using a food thermometer can actually.. READ MORE »

Medications That Were Originally Designed for a Different Purpose

Professionals who have taken pharmaceutical courses know that although drugs and pharmaceuticals are created with the intention of treating one ailment, extensive testing can sometimes uncover results that prove it more effective for treating something else. A recent study rendered results showing that memory loss in women living with Alzheimer’s disease remained stable for one year while they were taking a drug that is commonly used to treat advanced prostate cancer. Experts who have had clinical research training know very well that it is extremely rare to find a drug or therapy that is able to stabilize memory loss for.. READ MORE »