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What Those in Food Safety Training Should Know About Pasteurization

Food treatment is an important step in food production to maintain nutritional benefits and avoid harmful contamination. This includes the process of pasteurization, which is just one technique used for food conservation. A career in food safety will place you in a vital role in the food production process, where you’ll apply your specialized knowledge to implement fundamental qualities of food assurance.  Whether you want to brush up on your pre-existing skills, or are brand new to food safety and quality, the diploma program at AAPS will give you a hands-on approach to training in the field. With the state-of-the-art.. READ MORE »

Why Staff Training Is Important in a Cannabis Retail Business

As a cannabis retail business owner, there are a few things that are essential to the smooth, safe and successful operation of your business. For one, it’s important to have a business plan in place, including tracking your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and ensuring that your finances are well managed. You’ll also want to have suppliers you can trust to deliver quality cannabis products in a timely manner. A clean, appealing shop in a good location doesn’t hurt either.  However, one of the most crucial aspects of your business comes down to the staff you hire and train. The skills.. READ MORE »

How the Evolution of Labs Is Shaping Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance

Are you considering a career in the Pharmaceutical Quality Control and Quality Assurance industry? With training in this field, you’ll be qualified to work in pharmaceutical laboratories, utilizing many strategies to ensure that manufactured products and treatments are consistently safe for use. By conducting testing, overseeing manufacturing equipment and utilizing your knowledge of regulatory compliance, you can determine whether pharmaceutical products possess their intended characteristics and identity.  While Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) practices have been around for years within pharmaceutical laboratories, technology and other advancements have altered these processes significantly. Not only have labs evolved to improve.. READ MORE »

Taking Clinical Research Courses? The Importance of Subject Screening in Clinical Trials

If you’re interested in clinical research, you’ll probably be responsible for facilitating a clinical trial throughout your career. Clinical trials are research studies conducted with people. They are used by researchers as a means of determining the effectiveness of a new drug, medical device, or another form of treatment for public use. Clinical trials are vital in the field of medical research, as they are the primary method of obtaining useful information about how a treatment behaves in humans.  As a clinical researcher conducting clinical trials, one of the processes you may be responsible for organizing is subject screening. Subject.. READ MORE »