Why Staff Training Is Important in a Cannabis Retail Business

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As a cannabis retail business owner, there are a few things that are essential to the smooth, safe and successful operation of your business. For one, it’s important to have a business plan in place, including tracking your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and ensuring that your finances are well managed. You’ll also want to have suppliers you can trust to deliver quality cannabis products in a timely manner. A clean, appealing shop in a good location doesn’t hurt either. 

However, one of the most crucial aspects of your business comes down to the staff you hire and train. The skills your staff possesses will make or break your business, as they’re the ones that your customers interact with each and every day. Given that your staff will be the ones fulfilling orders and answering questions, ensuring that they are well trained is a key component in the success of your cannabis retail business. Below, discover why staff training is so important, as well as some tips and tricks for implementing training strategies. 

Well-Trained Staff Assist With the Compliant Operation of Your Cannabis Retail Business

If you’ve completed your cannabis retailer training, you probably already know the consequences associated with noncompliance. As the cannabis industry evolves and the legalization of cannabis grows, a business’s ability to remain compliant becomes more important to its success. In order to keep their license, cannabis retail businesses must strictly adhere to the laws, rules and regulations associated with the legal dispensing of cannabis. Failure to comply could result in:

  • Fines
  • Suspension of the license to sell
  • Forced closure of operations

When a cannabis retail business’ staff are well trained, they’re also more informed of the rules associated with compliance. Not only does this help businesses to avoid infractions and related forms of loss, but it also keeps their business operating safely by dispensing high-quality cannabis to age-appropriate customers in controlled amounts.

cannabis retail business

When your staff is well trained, you can avoid compliance infractions at your cannabis retail business

With Staff Training, Customer Service is Enhanced

Another important aspect of staff training? As customer satisfaction leads to more referrals and higher sales, keeping your staff well-trained in the delivery of quality customer service is essential for success. In a cannabis retail business, good customer service means: 

  • Staying informed about the products and strains your dispensary carries
  • Being able to answer customer questions
  • Assisting customers in making the right purchase with recommendations

When your staff is well-trained in selling and handling your dispensary’s products, it’s more likely that your customers will keep coming back. Not only will this lead to positive reviews and referrals, but it will also increase the number of successful sales your employees make, driving revenue.

cannabis industry Canada

Staff training leads to greater customer service and higher revenue

Tips for Training Your Staff

When it comes to training your staff to enhance the success of your cannabis retail business, there are a few tips you can follow for success. 

  • Create a training manual for your staff to follow. Putting together a training manual will ensure that your staff has a guide to reference, helping them to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Your training manual can include compliance rules, information about the products and strains your dispensary carries, tips for utilizing databases and more.
  • Hold a weekly staff meeting. A regular meeting will offer a chance for staff to raise any questions or concerns they might have while providing an opportunity to inform staff about any business updates, new products or changes in protocol.
cannabis industry Canada

Hold a weekly meeting to keep your staff informed of any updates in the company

  • Set up a reward system. Your staff will be more motivated to work hard when they have something tangible to work towards. Consider setting some goals for your team, and incentivize them by offering rewards such as bonuses or vacation days. 

When your staff is well informed, success will follow for your cannabis retail shop. Staff training leads to better compliance, reduced loss, improved customer service and increased revenue, making it a pivotal part of your approach to business.

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