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Meet Our Faculty: In Discussion with Instructor Kevin Mueller

In our “Meet Our Faculty” series, where we spotlight the exceptional instructors who make AAPS the top choice for quality education, we’d like to introduce you to Kevin Mueller, a dedicated instructor and full-time faculty member with specialized pharmaceutical industry experience. Kevin’s passion for pharmaceutical science and real-world experience create an engaging and impactful learning environment for students. In this engaging interview, Kevin highlights his journey from industry professional to top instructor, explains his teaching philosophy, and describes how he remains sharp and current. Excited to meet a real-life educational stalwart? Read on to discover more about Kevin Mueller! Lifelong.. READ MORE »

In the Spotlight: Quality Assurance Grad Ashkan Farahi’s Path to Career Success

Navigating the job market can be incredibly challenging for recent study-abroad graduates. These challenges are magnified in specialized fields like pharmaceutical quality assurance. In this sector, technical expertise and detailed industry knowledge are crucial, but having the proper guidance and industry connections often plays a decisive role in achieving career success. Ashkan Farahi, a graduate of AAPS College, is a prime example of a study-abroad student who overcame these obstacles to secure his dream job in the competitive pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. His journey from academic preparation through practical training to professional success illustrates how effective the blend of targeted.. READ MORE »

Considering Food Safety Training? Explore Tech Innovations In The Field

Food safety, highlighted by comprehensive food safety training, remains a pressing concern in food processing and preparation. Every year, millions of tons of food are wasted due to the activities of harmful, spoilage-causing microorganisms and bacteria, which are responsible for significant food-borne illnesses, some of which can be deadly. With antibiotic resistance continuing to pose a severe healthcare challenge, it is clear that tackling food safety issues at source remains the most effective way to combat threats. Necessity drives innovation, and in the food industry, innovation is relatively constant, marked by technological advancements that are revolutionizing how we handle food… READ MORE »

Cannabis Quality Assurance: A Valuable Webinar for Students

Quality Assurance (QA) remains one of the most critical aspects of the cannabis industry. It is so important, that cannabis companies are required to have a Quality Assurance Person (QAP) listed on their license application with Health Canada. AAPS’s upcoming Cannabis Quality Assurance webinar is excellent for anyone interested in learning more about this crucial role within the cannabis industry and obtaining the educational credentials required for this in-demand role. This comprehensive online program delves into the essential elements of a robust QA program, equipping you with the knowledge and understanding to thrive in this specialized field. Meet Our Expert.. READ MORE »

Student Success Story: Clinical Research Training Grad Asha Naik

According to Albert Einstein, the only source of knowledge is experience. This quote perfectly captures the spirit of clinical research training. It’s a field where theory meets practice, where scientific inquiry intersects with patient well-being. It’s a world constantly evolving, driven by the dedication of individuals like Asha Naik, who are passionate about pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons. In the latest episode of our student success series, we share the experiences of one of our biggest luminaries, Clinical Research Training Graduate Asha Naik. We hope that Asha’s story inspires you to never relent in pursuing your dreams. Because, just.. READ MORE »