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Meet Our Faculty: In Discussion with Instructor Kevin Mueller

In our “Meet Our Faculty” series, where we spotlight the exceptional instructors who make AAPS the top choice for quality education, we’d like to introduce you to Kevin Mueller, a dedicated instructor and full-time faculty member with specialized pharmaceutical industry experience.

Kevin’s passion for pharmaceutical science and real-world experience create an engaging and impactful learning environment for students. In this engaging interview, Kevin highlights his journey from industry professional to top instructor, explains his teaching philosophy, and describes how he remains sharp and current.

Excited to meet a real-life educational stalwart? Read on to discover more about Kevin Mueller!

A class of pharmaceutical training students at AAPS

Kevin Mueller’s passionate pharmaceutical industry experience transfers to his students.

Lifelong Passion for Science

Kevin’s journey into the pharmaceutical industry began at Western University, where a research assistantship ignited his passion for the pharmaceutical industry. Collaborating with a significant brand-name company, he was exposed to the world of drug development and the critical role of analytical labs.

While in this role, he became particularly fascinated by the many complexities and applications of the HPLC instrument. This experience fueled his desire to contribute to people’s well-being, eventually leading him to a 28-year career at Novopharm Ltd. (now Teva Canada).

For these nearly three decades, Kevin gathered relevant and in-depth pharmaceutical industry experience. “I spent the next 28 years of my career at the company, 19 of those years as a supervisor in the Analytical Research and Development lab and the Quality Control Lab. I worked in many interesting areas including dissolution method development and in-vitro dissolution profile testing, finished product stability (both pre-approval and post-approval), and finished product release. This has given me a wide perspective and knowledge of the requirements for performing testing in a GMP environment”, he explains.

While his parents always saw an educator in him, Kevin’s initial career path took a different direction. However, after years of industry success, he felt drawn to share his knowledge and inspire the next generation. It was a decision he never regretted:

“When I was growing up, my parents encouraged me to pursue a career as an educator. They believed I had the necessary skills, such as patience, communication, and the ability to explain concepts in simple terms. As a typical teenager, I did not listen to them. After 28 years as a professional in the pharma industry, I felt it was time for a change. I have always been interested in teaching, so I decided to give it a try.”

A drug manufacturing factory to be explored in pharmaceutical training

Kevin gained extensive pharmaceutical industry experience working in various areas.

Kevin Draws on His Pharmaceutical Industry Experience to Make Education Practical and Engaging

Kevin’s teaching philosophy centres around the power of visual and hands-on learning. He strives to create a welcoming, stress-free pharmaceutical education environment where students can explore and actively participate.

He doesn’t just teach about analytical laboratory techniques and GMP documentation; he brings them to life with real-world scenarios and case studies from his extensive industry experience. In his classes, mistakes are not seen as failures but valuable learning opportunities – teachable moments that solidify understanding.

Kevin tailors his approach to cater to different learning styles, ensuring every student has the opportunity to excel. Seeing them evolve into confident professionals capable of navigating a GMP lab with ease is incredibly rewarding for him:

“I instruct students from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. Some students only have a limited knowledge of working in a GMP laboratory, while some students are returning to school after many years. I find it particularly rewarding to observe the development of all my students throughout the courses I instruct. Upon graduation, all my students are fully capable of working and documenting in a GMP lab in accordance with current industry standards”.

“My goal,” Kevin continues, “is to create sessions that students look forward to.” Kevin’s teaching philosophy has certainly been a big hit so far, judging by the numerous achievements and recognition he has received. “I have held Pharmaceutical Laboratory Testing and Auditing workshops for Health Canada inspectors on two separate occasions. I was recognized with recognition such as “We had tremendously positive feedback on this last training session! It was so well received, and the inspectors really indicated the value to their respective works”, he recalls.

A group of AAPS students receiving in-depth knowledge of pharmaceutical industry experience in one of Kevin Mueller's classes

Kevin’s strives to create immersive and enjoyable pharmaceutical education sessions.

Beyond the Classroom

The pharmaceutical industry evolves rapidly, and no one is more keenly aware of this than Kevin Mueller. His commitment to continuous learning is evident in his participation in online industry forums, where he stays abreast of the latest trends and connects with peers.

“I regularly participate in LinkedIn discussion groups/forums on Dissolution, HPLC testing, HPLC method validation, and FDA inspections. This has increased my communication with industry peers and keeps me updated on industry standards”, he concludes.

Kevin embodies the dedication and enthusiasm we value at AAPS. His journey from industry leader to passionate educator is an inspiration to all.  He said, “It was the best decision I ever made!”  We are fortunate to have him as part of our faculty, shaping future generations of pharmaceutical professionals.

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