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Why Hydrocarbon Extraction Is Worth Learning About in Cannabis Industry Training

Extraction is a core aspect of the cannabis industry, referring to the process of removing the most potent chemical compounds of the plant so that they can be used as ingredients in various cannabis products. There are several approaches for removing the most sought out cannabinoids of the cannabis plant. Hydrocarbon extraction is one of these approaches, gaining attention in the industry due to the efficiency of the technique, and the high-quality results of the extraction.  The increasing popularity of this method makes it important for anyone entering this field to have some understanding of how it works, and some.. READ MORE »

Why Endurance Athletes Need So Many Carbohydrates: A Breakdown for Nutrition and Health Training Students

Carbohydrates, typically thought of as starches and sugars, are considered to be our bodies’ main source of energy. These carbohydrates can be found in a wide range of food items, from starchy vegetables to processed candy.  Endurance athletes have to pay particular attention to their diet, selecting food options that support their training and lifestyle. Acting as fuel for the body, carbohydrates can significantly impact an athlete’s health and performance. Here’s a closer look at the role carbohydrates play in their diets for students interested in learning more about nutrition and health.  Understanding Carbohydrates and Their Role in Athletes’ Diets .. READ MORE »

Dissolution Testing Challenges, and How Pharmaceutical Quality Control Students Can Overcome Them

Dissolution testing is a process that helps determine a drug’s effectiveness as well as how much of the drug can enter systemic circulation before reaching its destination. This kind of testing, also known as drug release testing, is critical for ensuring quality control and the drug’s proper development, particularly with solid oral dosage forms. However, this procedure isn’t without its challenges, especially when the data from these tests is used in order to receive approval for commercialization. Although dissolution testing is typically done via standardized processes, there are several obstacles that can arise along the way, potentially delaying those processes… READ MORE »

GVP and GCP Inspections: How They Affect Clinical Research

When a drug is ready to be widely distributed, GVP and GCP inspections are necessary steps to take beforehand. GVP inspections are done for any establishment selling or importing a drug after its approval, while GCP inspections are undertaken during clinical trials. Such inspections are meant to ensure these trials are compliant with regulations, the establishments are reporting any adverse reactions to the drug(s), and that integrity and quality control standards are met. Short for Good Pharmacovigilance Practice and Good Clinical Practice respectively, these inspections are also completed to make sure all participants will be safe during the trials. Here’s.. READ MORE »

What Food Technology Students Should Know About Food and Beverage Filtration

Filtration has always been a major part of the food and beverage industry, keeping food items fresh and safe for consumers. The use of filtration systems is heavily relied on by the industry, used to separate liquids and solids through a membrane (porous material). Students interested in understanding food processing systems will benefit from learning more about filtration. Filtration and membrane technology has experienced a significant boom since the 1970s, reflecting changing industry standards. These new developments might be particularly helpful for students wanting to join the food industry. Here’s a closer look at the process of filtration and its.. READ MORE »

Microbial Testing Explained for Cannabis Quality Assurance Students

Microbial testing is an important part of quality assurance in the cannabis industry. Health Canada requires cannabis producers to conduct quality assurance tests, ensuring that any microbial or chemical contaminants are within the tolerance limit of the Cannabis Regulations.  Students learning about cannabis might want to discover how quality assurance and control impacts the industry. Taking a cannabis training program can provide a solid foundation in good laboratory practices and the various laboratory techniques that impact quality assurance. This blog post aims to take a closer look at how microbial testing works, highlighting its uses and importance in the cannabis.. READ MORE »

How Students in Food Quality Training Can Spot Foreign Objects in Food

Foreign objects are defined as materials or components that don’t belong in food items. This includes natural materials (like small rocks or chipped wood), product components (like shells, bones, or feathers), and even processing elements (like plastic, metal, or glass parts from equipment or packaging). Foods containing these foreign objects can present a serious hazard.   This blog post will explore the ways in which foreign objects can be identified, as well as how to prevent contamination in the first place.  Relying on Various Foreign Object Detection Techniques to Ensure Food Quality and Safety  An important step in ensuring top quality.. READ MORE »

How Noncompliance Affects Cannabis Users, Explained for Students Wanting Cannabis Careers

Compliance is a major part of legalizing the cannabis industry, particularly since compliance regulations and guidelines manage any risks posed to public health and safety. Health Canada takes various steps to maintain its mission, promoting and monitoring compliance while also enforcing actions whenever necessary.  Those interested in the cannabis industry should take the time to review the Cannabis Act, which outlines the regulations around compliance for cannabis distributors. Noncompliance negatively affects cannabis producers and retailers—but it also strongly impacts cannabis users and customers. Here’s a closer look at the negative consequences of noncompliance for students interested in joining the cannabis.. READ MORE »