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Cannabis Career Tip! Choose the Right Seed to Sale Software

If you’re thinking about working in a cannabis business after training, it will be in the best interest of your business to implement tools that facilitate supply chain management. In the cannabis industry, regulatory bodies like Health Canada need supply chain information to secure the health of the market and ensure all health standards are upheld. For example, these requirements can help to prevent the movement of products between the black market and the legal market. In order to stay compliant and licensed in the cannabis industry, you’ll need to use seed-to-sale software.  Choosing the right one will help you.. READ MORE »

3 Critical Parameters to Examine During HPLC Validation in Pharmaceutical School

A number of different procedures require the use of HPLC validation methods, as you’ll discover when you begin courses in pharmaceutical school. Some of these procedures include: Identification tests Testing for impurities (limit tests or quantitative tests) Assay procedures Dissolution tests Particle size determination Each of these tests uses a specific set of validation characteristics to determine if the substance is suitable for the intended use. During the High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) course at AAPS, you’ll be introduced to this popular method of compound analysis that’s used in various industries such as the pharma, cannabis, biopharma, food, chemical, environmental,.. READ MORE »

Considering Pharma Courses? A Day in the Life of a Clinical Research Monitor

A clinical research monitor wears many hats throughout their career. They may step in as a coordinator of people and processes, an overseer of clinical research, and an expert in document review. Depending on the day, the roles may look different for a clinical research monitor, which requires these professionals to remain dynamic and flexible in their day-to-day tasks.  At the Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences, students in our Clinical Research, Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance Post-Graduate Diploma Program learn the essential skills required to enter the industry. Many graduates go on to play a vital role in protecting the public.. READ MORE »

Learn about these 4 Foodborne Pathogens in our Food Technology Diploma

Sickness from contaminated food is one of the most prevalent forms of infection. In fact, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada, around 4 million Canadians suffer from a form of food poisoning each year. What’s more, 240 deaths per year are food-related. Food contamination is a result of the spread of bacteria and harmful pathogens, often from poor food handling practices. While earning your diploma in Food Safety and Technology from the Academy of Applied Sciences, you’ll have the opportunity to take “Food Microbiology,” a course which focuses on food infection, sanitation and the characteristics of various food.. READ MORE »