Cannabis Career Tip! Be Sure To Choose The Right Seed to Sale Software

If you’re thinking about working in a cannabis business after training, it will be in the best interest of your business to implement tools that facilitate supply chain management. In the cannabis industry, regulatory bodies like Health Canada need supply chain information to secure the health of the market and ensure all health standards are upheld. For example, these requirements can help to prevent the movement of products between the black market and the legal market. In order to stay compliant and licensed in the cannabis industry, you’ll need to use seed-to-sale software. 

Choosing the right one will help you stay informed about your business operations, in turn allowing you to optimize efficiency and profitability. What exactly does seed-to-sale software do? Explore the answer to that question below and learn some best practices to keep in mind when it comes time to launch your successful cannabis business. 

What Is Seed-to-Sale Software? 

Cannabis license holders use seed-to-sale software to track each and every event related to the cultivation and distribution of their product. Every detail of the production chain must be recorded, including the growth of your cannabis and who buys it, whether that’s a legal cannabis retailer or a direct customer. In addition to reducing the risk of processing errors–which could cost you some hefty fines–seed-to-sale software will help you ensure that fees and taxes are paid on time. 

Use a software solution to avoid missing crucial steps in the seed-to-sale process.

Licensed cannabis producers can also use seed-to-sale software to track several compliance metrics, like lab results and labelling requirements. Growers can rely on seed-to-sale software to monitor the cultivation process and keep track of things like seed acquisition, growth cycle, harvesting, and more. There are several details to keep in mind when you work in the cannabis business. To ensure you’re on track, consider attending one of our cannabis events to learn from and connect with industry professionals. 

Choose a seed-to-sale software solution that includes training and is scalable.

Best Practices to Remember After Your Cannabis Education 

The effectiveness of your seed-to-sale tracking process will depend heavily on which software solution you choose. Though software solutions will make your work much easier, there are some best practices to keep in mind in order to maximize the benefits:

  • Include hands-on training for each team member on how to use the software
  • Find a software provider that offers training programs
  • Choose a seed-to-sale software provider that is future-proof and scalable

Once you’ve chosen your seed-to-sale software, be sure to measure your direct and indirect ROI to ensure you’re maximizing time and money savings.

After your cannabis education consider popular seed-to-sale options like Canix and GrowFlow.

Popular Seed-to-Sale Software Options for Inspiration 

There are many seed-to-sale software options on the market and it can be difficult to make the correct choice after your cannabis education. That being said, we’ve come across some great products that might inspire you to seek out the right seed-to-sale software for your business. Ample Organics is one of the first seed-to-sale softwares to hit the Canadian market. As part of the cannabis certificate and diploma program at AAPS, students are able to receive hands-on training with seed-to-sale tracking software through our partnership with Ample Organics, by taking the AmpleLearn course. Another great option is Elevated Signals, whose founder, Hardeep Shoker, recently spoke at the Cannabis 360 Conference back in September. Elevated signals is a top cannabis manufacturing software provider that allows producers to create work orders and reports that match cultivation and processing methods, extensive batch and lot tracking, and the ability to download detailed inventory reports.


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