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Navigating the Process of Starting a Cannabis Retail Store in Mississauga

Cannabis-based products are gaining widespread patronage in Canada (and worldwide) due to a growing acceptance by industry regulators statewide. And with Mississauga, Canada, joining the steadily growing list of cities to allow the operation of cannabis retail stores, the industry’s growth outlook has improved.  So, if you’re looking to start your own cannabis business, or work in a cannabis retail store, you’ll need the proper guidance to walk you through the complex terrain of regulatory bottlenecks, licensing requirements, and a competitive marketplace.   With the Cannabis – Management, Quality, and Edibles Diploma offered at AAPS, you can get cannabis industry training.. READ MORE »

THC Inflation and Analytical Testing in Cannabis Education

The cannabis industry has grown exponentially over the past decade as more states and countries around the world have legalized cannabis for medicinal and recreational use, including the Government of Canada, which legalized the Cannabis Act in 2018. However, with this growth has come a new set of challenges for the industry to face, particularly in product quality control and education. To overcome these challenges and consolidate the recent gains made by the cannabis industry, there’s a need for more concerted efforts on the part of industry specialists and professionals. Our Cannabis – Management, Quality and Edibles Diploma is instrumental.. READ MORE »

Top 5 Tips To Avoid Your Cannabis License Being Rejected

If you’re looking to obtain a cannabis license, then there are a number of considerations to keep in mind as you go through the steps. Focusing on organizing your documents, staying up to date with the current requirements, and being aware of processing times are simple tips to help you prepare for licensure. On top of that, we have a number of specific tips that will help give you the best chance of license approval. At AAPS, our expert instructors of cannabis professionals provide best-in-class education and training for the cannabis industry. Whether you want to work as a sales.. READ MORE »

3 Cannabis Industry Trends to Watch Out For in 2023

The cannabis industry has been booming ever since its legalization in late 2018. The rise in research, processing, production, and distribution has skyrocketed to support an industry with growing interest and support from the public. At the Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences, we offer educational options for students to gain quality skills and expertise in the cannabis industry through our Cannabis Certificate and Diploma programs.  AAPS students are able to dive deep into popular cannabis topics, including: Retail management Cannabis Licensing and Regulations Quality Assurance for Cannabis Cannabis Botany & Cultivation Cannabis Product Development The specialized skill set students gain.. READ MORE »

Cannabis Career Tip! Choose the Right Seed to Sale Software

If you’re thinking about working in a cannabis business after training, it will be in the best interest of your business to implement tools that facilitate supply chain management. In the cannabis industry, regulatory bodies like Health Canada need supply chain information to secure the health of the market and ensure all health standards are upheld. For example, these requirements can help to prevent the movement of products between the black market and the legal market. In order to stay compliant and licensed in the cannabis industry, you’ll need to use seed-to-sale software.  Choosing the right one will help you.. READ MORE »