3 Cannabis Industry Trends to Pay Attention to in 2023

The cannabis industry has been booming ever since its legalization in late 2018. The rise in research, processing, production, and distribution has skyrocketed to support an industry with growing interest and support from the public. At the Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences, we offer educational options for students to gain quality skills and expertise in the cannabis industry through our Cannabis Certificate and Diploma programs. 

AAPS students are able to dive deep into popular cannabis topics, including:

  • Retail management
  • Cannabis Licensing and Regulations
  • Quality Assurance for Cannabis
  • Cannabis Botany & Cultivation
  • Cannabis Product Development

The specialized skill set students gain from these programs allows them to confidently enter the workforce in a dynamic environment. Continue reading to discover expected trends for the upcoming year in the cannabis industry.

1. Increasing Support for the Cannabis Movement

Ongoing research supports further exploration of the benefits and uses of cannabis, especially as the industry continues to grow. According to MJBizDaily, Canada’s revenue from cannabis sales reached another all-time high this past June, continuing a steady incline from previous months. With sales amounting to $377.5 million, the continued support for these products is clear from consumer action.

This increase in sales could be attributed to a number of factors, and the ongoing support for the legalization movement is important to note here. Since legalizing cannabis, the industry has provided job opportunities for people across the country. Additionally, it has encouraged people to learn more about cannabis, becoming more familiar with its uses and effects as a whole.

Cannabis education helps students enter into a field that has extensive support nation-wide.

2. Integration of Cannabis into Everyday Life

This trend forecasts more integration of cannabis into everyday life, speaking to the growing acceptance and recreational use of cannabis. Annual growth in the cannabis industry is expected to continue through the year 2030, which makes this a great time for AAPS students to enter the field. AAPS cannabis education and credentials help students gain credibility within the industry and advance their careers. 

Research from the Government of Canada has shown that individuals that use cannabis include those going to school and those who are currently working. The mindset around cannabis use has definitely shifted in recent years; people from all walks of life and in all situations are now able to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. In 2023, we can expect to see a wide range of customers who are pleased to integrate the use of cannabis into their everyday lives. 

We can expect to see more people using cannabis in everyday life.

3. New Opportunities for Employees With Cannabis Education

Students earning their cannabis education may be interested to learn about the possibility of continued mergers and acquisitions within the cannabis industry. Many smaller-scale businesses have popped up since the legalization of cannabis, sparking creativity in product offerings including:

  • Edibles
  • Beverages
  • Topicals
  • Food items
  • Oils and extracts
  • Vape pens

The creation of new, exciting products gives small businesses the opportunity to prove their value.

These smaller companies are more willing to experiment with new products, and often come up with really creative ideas. Students at AAPS also have additional resources through our Cannabis 360 platform, which provides interviews, insights and weekly newsletters geared specifically for cannabis industry professionals.


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