A cannabis master grower in a hemp farm after completing his cannabis industry training

Cannabis Quality Assurance: A Valuable Webinar for Students

Quality Assurance (QA) remains one of the most critical aspects of the cannabis industry. It is so important, that cannabis companies are required to have a Quality Assurance Person (QAP) listed on their license application with Health Canada.

AAPS’s upcoming Cannabis Quality Assurance webinar is excellent for anyone interested in learning more about this crucial role within the cannabis industry and obtaining the educational credentials required for this in-demand role. This comprehensive online program delves into the essential elements of a robust QA program, equipping you with the knowledge and understanding to thrive in this specialized field.

A cannabis master examining the farm after cannabis industry training

AAPS’ cannabis quality assurance webinar equips you to thrive in the industry.

Meet Our Expert Host

Leading our upcoming webinar on “Cannabis Quality Assurance: A Valuable Webinar For Students” is Vicky Koutsandrea, a Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Advisor at AAPS. Vicky brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, making her the perfect guide for your introduction to cannabis quality assurance (QA).

Vicky holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Applied Science, a Post Graduate Diploma, and various certificates in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. Vicky’s journey in cannabis began when the regulations were new, and companies were grappling with implementing the then-novel Health Canada standards.

She was vital in setting up quality systems for various cannabis businesses. As Vicky describes it, “Applying Quality Assurance standards from the pharma and food industries to cannabis was a big challenge but also a rewarding journey with lots of lessons learned.”

This firsthand experience with the evolving cannabis landscape is precisely what Vicky wants to share with webinar attendees. Her passion for cannabis regulations and standards and her practical experience working with clients fuels her desire to equip you with the knowledge and insights you need to thrive in this exciting field.

When you attend Vicky’s webinar, you can expect to gain a strong foundation in the Cannabis Regulatory Framework and key quality assurance concepts.  She’s dedicated to making the learning experience interactive and engaging, with opportunities for Q&A throughout the workshop. 

Course Outline: Building Your Cannabis Quality Assurance Expertise

The webinar goes in-depth into several key topics that form the backbone of adequate cannabis quality assurance:

  • Quality Assurance Fundamentals for Cannabis: Gain a foundational understanding of the principles and practices of QA within the cannabis industry. 
  • Record Keeping for Cannabis: Learn best practices for maintaining accurate and complete records for cannabis production and processing. 
  • Writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Cannabis: Effective SOPs are the cornerstone of a successful QA program. This section will equip you with the skills to develop clear, concise, and compliant SOPs specific to the cannabis industry.
  • Complaints and Recalls for Cannabis: Understand the protocols for handling customer complaints and product recalls. 
  • Sanitation Program for Cannabis Production: This section explores effective sanitation practices specific to cannabis cultivation and processing facilities.
A closeup of medical cannabis in cannabis industry training

Cannabis industry training at AAPS covers key QA aspects

Course Objectives: Achieving Career-Ready Skills

By participating in this webinar, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and develop practical skills that will benefit you during and after your cannabis industry training. The workshop is designed to equip participants with holistic knowledge of QA in the cannabis industry.

In Vicky’s words, “The workshop touches up on basic concepts prior to moving towards more complex ones. At the end of the workshop participants will get a list of additional resources should they decide to expand their knowledge even further.”

Here’s what you can expect to achieve:

  • Gain a solid understanding of the Canadian cannabis licensing process and the different classes of licenses available.
  • Develop a strong foundation in quality management systems (QMS) as applied to the cannabis industry.
  • Master the requirements of Good Production Practices (GPP) – the gold standard for ensuring quality and safety within cannabis production.
  • Learn best practices for record-keeping, managing complaints and recalls, and implementing effective sanitation programs.
  • Hone your skills in writing transparent and compliant SOPs for various cannabis production processes.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is ideal for anyone interested in a career in the cannabis industry, including:

  • Aspiring Quality Assurance Professionals (QAPs)
  • Safety Protocol Implementation Coordinators (SPICs)
  • Master Growers
  • Head of Security Personnel
  • Head of Laboratory Staff
  • Managers and representatives of organizations seeking cultivation, processing, or other cannabis industry licenses.

Vicky says, “This workshop is a must for anyone passionate about quality and cannabis. You will get a thorough grasp of quality assurance tailored specifically to the cannabis sector.” Participants in this webinar will also get to connect with industry peers and form valuable connections.

a team of cannabis professionals, after completing their cannabis industry training

Cannabis industry training at AAPS is ideal for anyone interested in a cannabis industry career.

Certification and Course Materials:

Upon completing the course, all participants will receive a certificate of attendance, signifying their commitment to learning and professional development in cannabis quality assurance. You’ll also receive a comprehensive course manual for ongoing reference and support.

Don’t Miss Out! Registration Closes Soon.

Space is limited for this informative and valuable webinar. Registration closes one week before the start date, April 22nd, 2024. To secure your spot and take advantage of the exceptional student discount (CAD$2250 + HST, 50% off the regular price!), register online today!

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