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Cannabis Quality Assurance: A Valuable Webinar for Students

Quality Assurance (QA) remains one of the most critical aspects of the cannabis industry. It is so important, that cannabis companies are required to have a Quality Assurance Person (QAP) listed on their license application with Health Canada. AAPS’s upcoming Cannabis Quality Assurance webinar is excellent for anyone interested in learning more about this crucial role within the cannabis industry and obtaining the educational credentials required for this in-demand role. This comprehensive online program delves into the essential elements of a robust QA program, equipping you with the knowledge and understanding to thrive in this specialized field. Meet Our Expert.. READ MORE »

How to Build an Impressive Resume During Your Cannabis Online Training

If you’re preparing to launch a professional career in the cannabis industry, there’s no tool more important than a strong resume. Your resume will show potential employers how qualified you are for the position at hand, summarizing your skills, strength, background and experience into a clear and concise page or two. However, when it comes to building an impressive resume, it can be difficult to know where to start.  After completing your training at AAPS, you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to enter careers in cannabis retail, production, testing and medical clinics. Whatever path you choose, compiling.. READ MORE »

3 Tips For Following Good Laboratory Practices in Cannabis Careers

Any business that’s involved in the cultivation, processing, and distribution of cannabis is subject to strict regulations. As with any sector of the pharmaceutical industry, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) must be followed to ensure the quality and validity of activities. This covers testing, calibration, and sampling using laboratory methods. The goal is to verify that results are compatible with the cannabis product specification.  From a business standpoint, taking precautions to control the quality of cannabis products will save you time and money in the long run. If quality is sacrificed at any stage of production, businesses may suffer from a.. READ MORE »

Exploring the Impact of Ultrasonic Energy for Cannabis Quality Assurance

Quality departments within the cannabis market are responsible for conducting and monitoring activities that affect the quality, safety, or efficacy of cannabis products. Related to this area, ultrasonic energy has a number of uses in both cannabis testing and production labs. Ultrasonic energy has long been an excellent method of cleaning lab equipment and removing contaminants from virtually any product, but it can be used in several ways to ensure that a cannabis product is of the highest quality.  For that reason, many cannabis businesses today are turning to ultrasonic energy to extract and process their cannabis products. For those.. READ MORE »

Ensuring Quality: A Guide to Good Production Practices in Cannabis

Cannabis production is a methodical science, with the industry subject to strict regulations and quality assurance principles. Those interested in starting a cannabis business in Canada must first obtain a federal cannabis license. As part of the application criteria, license holders must demonstrate their understanding of Good Production Practices (GPP) and provide evidence that their facility complies with those practices.  GPP requirements apply to cannabis that is produced, packaged, distributed, and sold in Canada. License holders must prove that their activities meet the quality standards and that they have developed a system with written guidelines, sanitation procedures, proper equipment, and.. READ MORE »

How Biosynthetic Cannabis Can Change the Future of Cannabis Industry Careers

The future of the cannabis industry might no longer be simply about growing crops. Rather, biosynthesis is being viewed as a potential solution for more sustainable cannabis cultivation. In this context, biosynthesis is the process where strains of yeast are used to generate cannabinoids. While using living cells such as yeast to create molecules, biosynthesis allows for the creation of cannabinoids in ways that are not only more environmentally sustainable, but also safer, less expensive, and of a higher quality. As a result, no actual cannabis plants need to be grown or cultivated in order to produce the desired cannabinoids… READ MORE »

Why Hydrocarbon Extraction Is Worth Learning About in Cannabis Industry Training

Extraction is a core aspect of the cannabis industry, referring to the process of removing the most potent chemical compounds of the plant so that they can be used as ingredients in various cannabis products. There are several approaches for removing the most sought out cannabinoids of the cannabis plant. Hydrocarbon extraction is one of these approaches, gaining attention in the industry due to the efficiency of the technique, and the high-quality results of the extraction.  The increasing popularity of this method makes it important for anyone entering this field to have some understanding of how it works, and some.. READ MORE »

Microbial Testing Explained for Cannabis Quality Assurance Students

Microbial testing is an important part of quality assurance in the cannabis industry. Health Canada requires cannabis producers to conduct quality assurance tests, ensuring that any microbial or chemical contaminants are within the tolerance limit of the Cannabis Regulations.  Students learning about cannabis might want to discover how quality assurance and control impacts the industry. Taking a cannabis training program can provide a solid foundation in good laboratory practices and the various laboratory techniques that impact quality assurance. This blog post aims to take a closer look at how microbial testing works, highlighting its uses and importance in the cannabis.. READ MORE »

Why Scaling Up Presents a Challenge to Cannabis Quality Assurance Professionals

As a cannabis quality assurance professional, you’ll want to ensure that the production of cannabis can be scaled up sufficiently while also meeting high standards. However, accomplishing this is a challenge in and of itself. Although recreational cannabis is legalized in Canada, scaling up faces both the typical challenges associated with growing any business, along with some unique hurdles. Between meeting regulations set out by Health Canada, as well as approaches for eliminating pests and ensuring there’s enough product to meet demand, scaling up cannabis growth operations doesn’t come without its share of obstacles. However, those hoping to accomplish this.. READ MORE »

3 Facts About Cannabis Cultivation for Students in Cannabis Industry Training

After studying under cannabis courses, you’ll have the requisite skills and knowledge to work in the versatile cannabis industry in Canada. You’ll be well-prepared for enjoying a career in a cannabis production facility, a cannabis retail store, a cannabis testing laboratory, or other equally interesting environment.  The professional cannabis cultivation industry in Canada is unique. Using robust regulations, quality assurance principles, and cultivation techniques, professionals ensure that our cannabis products are of the highest standard. But we aren’t the first place in the world to have a wide-ranging cannabis cultivation culture. Cannabis plants have been cultivated across the world for.. READ MORE »