In the Spotlight: Quality Assurance Grad Ashkan Farahi’s Path to Career Success

A quality assurance training grad Ashkan Farahi

Navigating the job market can be incredibly challenging for recent study-abroad graduates. These challenges are magnified in specialized fields like pharmaceutical quality assurance.

In this sector, technical expertise and detailed industry knowledge are crucial, but having the proper guidance and industry connections often plays a decisive role in achieving career success.

Ashkan Farahi, a graduate of AAPS College, is a prime example of a study-abroad student who overcame these obstacles to secure his dream job in the competitive pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

His journey from academic preparation through practical training to professional success illustrates how effective the blend of targeted education and personalized career support can be.

Finding the Right Fit at AAPS

Ashkan’s journey began in August when he enrolled at AAPS. The faculty’s impressive credentials initially drew him to the quality assurance training program.

“The instructors are experts with years of experience in the Canadian pharmaceutical industry,” Ashkan says. This focus on real-world expertise resonated with him, as he sought a program that would equip him with the skills and knowledge and give him every chance to succeed in his chosen field.

Beyond the faculty’s qualifications, Ashkan particularly valued the supportive atmosphere at AAPS.

“I mostly loved the friendly relations between the instructors and students,” he shares. This sense of community undoubtedly played a vital role in Ashkan’s academic success and overall learning experience.

An image depicting the 5-star quality of the AAPS quality assurance training program that Ashkan found to be the right fit

The quality assurance training program at AAPS resonated with Ashkan.

AAPS Quality Assurance Training: A Launchpad for Career Success

Before enrolling at AAPS, Ashkan’s job search yielded limited results. “I had previously applied to a lot of jobs without success,” he shares.

This lack of progress was undeniably disheartening, but Ashkan didn’t give up. The turning point came when he tapped into the comprehensive support offered by AAPS’s student services.

With their support and guidance, Ashkan completed his quality assurance courses and graduated with a Pharmaceutical Quality Control and Quality Assurance Post-Graduate Diploma.

AAPS’ dedicated student services department remained committed to his success. Recognizing the challenges faced by new graduates in a competitive job market, AAPS goes the extra mile to support its students.

With their help, Ashkan’s resume was tailored to the Canadian job market, and his interview skills were honed.

“AAPS was instrumental in quickly helping me to find a co-op placement, which later led to my job of choice,” Ashkan explains.

An image of someone shaking hands with a member of our student services team during his quality assurance training

Our services team worked with Ashkan throughout his quality assurance training at AAPS.

The student services team provided Ashkan with invaluable resources, As he states, “AAPS’s student services provided me with one-on-one interview coaching, resume reviews, and helped me find jobs for not just me, but all diploma students as soon as we completed half of our program,” he emphasizes.

The impact was undeniable. “When AAPS student services helped with my resume and coached me with my interview skills, everything changed,” Ashkan exclaims.

An image representing the steps of resume review Ashkan took with our student services team after his quality assurance training

Ashkan got his dream job after quality assurance training with our student services guidance.

From Security Guard to Quality Assurance Inspector

The results speak for themselves. Ashkan went from working as a security guard to securing his dream pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry job.

“I got five interviews in just one week and was then offered the job of my dreams here in Toronto as a quality assurance inspector in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry,” he beams.

Ashkan’s story continues a proud tradition at AAPS. “I have also heard similar success stories happening before graduation from my classmates too,” he shares.

This success story highlights the effectiveness of AAPS’s approach to education, which goes beyond simply imparting knowledge.

The college equips its students with the practical tools and support necessary to thrive professionally after graduation.

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