Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition, Health and Sport

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The human body is an incredible machine capable of performing astonishing accomplishments in sport performance. Trainers, athletes and coaches around the world recognize the role nutrition plays in achieving success in sport. Whether it is enhancing recovery between competitions and workouts, developing optimal gains for training programs, achieving and maintain an ideal body weight or reducing the risk of injury, understanding the interaction between diet, health and exerciseis vital to succeed.

AAPS is happy to announce our newest Post-Graduate Diploma in Nutrition, Health and Sportcreated for those who wish to extend their knowledge, advance their career or pursue research in nutrition, health and sport.

Developed by Food Safety and Quality Program DirectorPirouz Yousefian, this post graduate diploma is designed to provide graduates with training in sport and exercise nutrition which will equip them for future careers in research, teaching and sport nutrition support. This program provides an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the nutritional and metabolic demands of exercise and how nutrition influences sports performance.

Courses included in this program cover basic sport science, the fundamentals of nutrition, nutritional assessment, the impact of diet and ergogenic aids and planning all the while enhancing the registrant’s knowledge of food processing, food microbiology, food safety and food regulations.

If you are a nutritionist or have a good background in nutrition and/or dietetics and want to extend your skills and knowledge to this area, this program is a great addition to help develop your careerand guide individuals, athletes and teams to achieve their fitness and health goals.


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