Prepare for Cannabis Quality Assurance Careers by Exploring Cannabis Extraction at the Cannabis 360 Conference

Cannabis extraction plays a key role in the cannabis industry, contributing to the development of various popular cannabis products—including traditional concentrates like shatter and wax as well as other products like vaporizer cartridges and cannabis oil. Here, quality assurance is essential, ensuring that manufacturing efforts are compliant. 

Those interested in pursuing careers in this field can attend the AAPS Cannabis 360 Conference on September 9, where a panel discussion on cannabis extraction, contamination concerns, and remediation methods will take place in the afternoon. Bringing together over ten top companies and over 15 industry experts, the Cannabis 360 Conference offers you the opportunity to gain real-world insights from active professionals in the field. 

Here’s a closer look at some key topics surrounding cannabis extraction for those eager to expand their knowledge at our upcoming conference! 

Understanding the Basics of Cannabis Extraction

Cannabis extracts generally refer to a type of cannabis concentrate that is made through the use of a solvent—most commonly butane, propane, ethanol, and supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2). These solvents remove the cannabinoid and terpene compounds from cannabis plants to create extracts that are more refined. However, the features and qualities of these extracts – such as flavour, appearance, or potency – depend on the type of solvent used.

Cannabis extracts create a range of possible products for consumers, making cannabis extraction a popular process. The most popular extraction methods used in the industry are:

  • Hydrocarbon extraction
  • Alcohol extraction
  • Supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction

In order to ensure that these processes result in extracts that are safe for consumers, manufacturers must comply with set standards. At the Cannabis 360 Conference, students interested in pursuing cannabis quality assurance careers can learn more about these manufacturing standards from industry experts.

Cannabis extraction is a popular process that results in a variety of cannabis products 

Exploring Contamination Concerns around Cannabis Extracts  

Quality assurance and control is incredibly valuable in preventing the toxic contamination of cannabis products—especially when chemical substances can be added to cannabis extracts in order to change their qualities (e.g. vitamin E acetate or pine rosin). Some of the most common contaminants in cannabis extractions include:

  • Microbes
  • Pesticide 
  • Heavy metals

Cultivators, manufacturers, and vendors rely on quality assurance to provide consumers with safe cannabis products

By taking cannabis quality assurance courses, students can learn about extraction concepts and methods as well as practical quality assurance concepts that impact cannabis production. They can also attend the Cannabis 360 Conference, where cannabis extraction specialists will discuss key contamination concerns and quality assurance considerations. In this way, students can gain insights on current trends and stay informed on top practices and concepts that are shaping the cannabis industry.

Enforcing Quality Assurance in Cannabis through Remediation Methods 

Cannabis products are tested in advance to ensure safety and top quality. However, some products and extracts can fail due to the presence of contaminants—like the ones previously listed. Manufacturers must comply with Health Canada’s quality assurance requirements in order to provide consumers with safe products. In this case, manufacturers can apply different remediation methods to decontaminate the cannabis extract.

Students can attend the Cannabis 360 to gain industry insights and learn more about cannabis extraction

Students eager to enforce quality assurance in cannabis can explore remediation methods at the Cannabis 360 Conference. Here, extraction specialists will introduce potential remediation methods that are available to processors, giving those interested in cannabis careers a head start. 

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