Want to Pursue Food Safety Training? A Day in the Life of a Product Testing Specialist

Food Safety Training

Product testing is an important aspect of food safety, ensuring that final products comply with existing regulations and health guidelines in the industry. Those interested in food safety can explore a future as a Product Testing Specialist after their training, utilizing their quality assurance and food technology background to ensure consumers’ safety.

Becoming a Product Testing Specialist in the food industry will allow you to work in some of your favourite areas of the food industry, giving you the chance to pursue your passions through a rewarding career. Here, you’ll also be able to implement your broad skill set within a scientific environment, work with other food science professionals, and conduct various tests to ensure that food products meet the regulated standards of quality. 

Keep reading to discover what an average day on the job is like for a Product Testing Specialist to better prepare for your future after food safety training!

Ensuring Food Safety Standards as a Product Testing Specialist

There are various stages involved in the inspection and product testing process, which can involve:

  • Sample collection
  • Sample processing 
  • Sample analysis and detection

With regards to the specialization of food safety, the focus of this role is on ensuring safety standards. To do so, Product Testing Specialists perform standardized qualitative and quantitative tests, examining the physical or chemical properties of food products for any safety breaches. 

Product Testing specialist

Product Testing specialists work diligently to ensure that food products meet safety and quality standards

After completing your food safety program, you’ll develop the necessary insights and experience to work on key tasks with confidence. This may include 

  • Standardized tests: analyzing the flavour, colour, texture, or nutritional value of different food products
  • Microbial analysis: identifying potential contaminants 

Tests can also be conducted to analyze moisture levels, oil and salt content, and solubility in addition to the pungency of different flavouring and spices.

Product Testing Specialists typically use various tools for these tests, ranging from incubators and ovens to balance scales and distillation equipment. By relying on analytical laboratory instruments, you can obtain accurate results and compare them with industry standards.

Using Your Attention to Detail and Communication Skills after Food Safety Training

Hard and soft skills are necessary for success in this career. In addition to technical training in different lab equipment and knowledge of industry standards and techniques, you’ll need to have strong attention to detail as well as excellent communication skills. Being able to work in teams and collaborate with other food specialists is also essential to your success as a Product Testing specialist.

 food safety training

Product Testing Specialists rely on their strong attention to detail to conduct necessary food tests and analyses

Because your work relies heavily on your ability to conduct scientific tests and analyses, you’ll be required to depend on your analytical and critical thinking skills. Here, you’ll want to be organized and focused on your work, while your passion and industry skills will also enhance your performance. Your food safety training will help you build these valuable skills, preparing you to launch your career.

Succeeding on the Job with the Right Training and Education

Your food safety training is essential to your success as a Product Testing Specialist. Our program is designed to help students develop a hands-on approach when it comes to food safety and quality, using industry best practices and tools for quality assurance. With this exposure, you can complete your daily tasks with more confidence and efficiency—creating a positive impact within the food industry. 

Become a Product Testing Specialist with Food safety training

Food safety training can help students develop the skills they need to succeed in their daily tasks as Product Testing Specialists

Completing a food safety program can show potential employers that you have the necessary skills and experience to succeed in this role. This can also be an opportunity for those with a background in food science, safety, and technology to stand out and showcase a compelling resume, becoming competitive candidates for an exciting and rewarding career in the field. 

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