4 Career Paths to Explore After Earning Your Nutritionist Certificate

Nutrition is a vital part of public and individual health, and with the rise of diet-related disease, more people are becoming concerned about their nutrition. Nutrition, health, and sports professionals have a wide range of career paths they can take, depending on their specializations and preferences. Perhaps you’d like to work with your community, serving people directly, or maybe you’d prefer to work more closely with the food itself, in a lab setting.

Both are possible with a nutrition diploma, as well as many other options. There are even more advanced programs you can take to further your education after receiving your diploma, such as a registered dietitian program, for example. The opportunities are bountiful in this field, so read on to learn details about 4 different career paths to explore with a nutrition diploma.

1. Become a Nutrition Educator in Different Facilities

A Nutrition Educator is one option that graduates of nutrition and health programs can pursue. This role is important, as it helps people gain access to learning, information, and resources to help develop their individual skills.

These community-centred jobs are often found to be the most helpful and rewarding in areas of social deprivation or high unemployment. Workplaces are often in diverse communities, non-traditional venues such as community centres, libraries, churches, childrens’ centres, and more.

Many communities benefit from nutrition educators with a diploma in nutrition

2. Secure Self-Employment as a Consultant

Some institutions depend on large-scale food-service operations to feed their employees, their patients, or the public. They often require a nutrition consultant to help manage and optimize the services they provide and to become both more efficient as a business and make their food more beneficial to the recipients

Self-employed consultants with a background in nutrition provide nutritional information to their clients through face-to-face meetings, books, blogs, seminars, and/or counselling. You can create your own schedule and focus for your business based on your preferences!

Another possible career path is a nutrition consulting career, where you can even be self-employed

3. Explore the Food Industry After Earning a Diploma in Nutrition

If you’re interested in getting even closer to the food itself, a career in food services might be for you when you decide to pursue your nutritionist certificate. Food services employees ensure that food products are produced safely and legally, and meet the quality standards/claims. 

In this type of role, you may also be involved in working on existing and newly-discovered ingredients to invent new recipes and product concepts. Creating new versions of products, such as fat-free alternatives, and delivering factory-ready recipes will fill your days with creativity and exploration in the world of food and nutrition.

Explore new recipes with your nutritionist certificate by becoming a food technologist

4. Pursue a Career in a Sports Performance Facility

A career in sports performance facilities will allow you to work directly with athletes and other active individuals that are looking to maximize their health and fitness.

Different roles in sports performance facilities involve providing guidance and implementation for both fitness training programs and nutrition programs. Oftentimes you will be able to follow up with these clients at the facility in order to assess their adherence and progress with their programs, and what they may need to change to reach their goals.

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