3 Technology Trends to Consider for Your Cannabis Retail Business

Businesses in Canada’s cannabis retail industry are looking for ways to streamline the sale and distribution of their products to meet growing consumer demand. Efficiency and professionalism are top priorities. To stay competitive, cannabis retail businesses are turning to technological solutions to boost their productivity and enhance the customer experience. By employing new technologies, businesses can cut costs, create a more cohesive distribution channel, and boost their sales. 

Students with cannabis training will be able to apply their knowledge to devise new retail strategies and solutions in accordance with regulatory requirements. Let’s take a closer look at how technology is being used to transform cannabis retailers. 

1. Touchscreen Kiosks Offer Retailers and Customers Advantages

When it comes to improving the efficiency of a cannabis retail business, touchscreen menus can assist both the retailer and the customer. On the sales end, dispensary technology can boost efficiency, as the in-store team can quickly prepare the product once a customer has fulfilled their order. At the same time, installing digital kiosks in your store gives buyers the chance to make informed decisions about products that interest them in a self-directed way. Consumers can feel that they are in charge of their own purchasing experience. With a touchscreen menu, customers can:

  • Browse products 
  • Explore the effects of a specific strain
  • Read safety information 

Consumers may also gain exposure to more products, as all the options and information is organized in one system. This in turn can boost the overall sales of the store. 

Introduce digital menus to your cannabis retail business

2. E-Commerce For Your Cannabis Retail Business

The more ways you can connect with customers, the more sales you’ll have. The best way to expand your customer base is by developing an online presence. More and more buyers are turning to the convenience of online shopping. To engage with those buyers, your business needs a professional website that displays products, pricing, and purchasing options. 

The best websites will give customers a choice between online ordering, reservations, or in-store collection. You can take your operations one step further by synchronizing the website with the store to provide real-time inventory updates and accurate pricing. This can reduce the chance of purchasing errors and improve the efficiency of distribution. Customers are also more likely to visit the store if they know what products are available beforehand. With a digital presence, businesses can improve their connection with customers on multiple platforms. 

Enhance your website with accurate inventory updates

3. Digital Signs Help Retailers Display the Latest Promotions 

A growing trend among retailers in cannabis careers is the use of digital displays. Cannabis stores are trading in manual signs and menus for high-tech displays with an inventory integration system. This ensures that the products on display are available in-store. Digital signage can inform customers on:

  • In-stock products
  • Price lists
  • Daily discounts
  • Order queues 
  • Safety information 

Digital displays can inform customers on the latest products and deals

Digital signs can highlight the professionalism of your store in both appearance and efficiency. What’s more, retailers can boost sales by exposing customers to new products and deals that they may otherwise miss. Students in cannabis retail management courses will learn strategies of branding and marketing in the industry, as well as the importance of store design and layout. With the right display, retailers can improve the aesthetic of their store by showcasing different images and advertisements to allow customers to engage with their product. 

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