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Students Learn HPLC Techniques

Last week, AAPS’  HPLC students visited our simulated QC laboratory to expand on their knowledge of content uniformity. Guided by their instructor Jason Chu, students demonstrated their ability to determine the variability of acetaminophen tablets. Using HPLC, students were able to separate and identify the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) of their samples. Before applying the analytical technique, they first had to prepare the mobile phase and set up HPLC instruments. Once they completed their experiment, they were asked to process their findings using Empower, validated software, which allows the user to control chromatography instruments and process data for HPLC, UPLC and Gas Chromatography. Proficiency in HPLC and HPLC data analysis software are.. READ MORE »

Free AAPS Workshops: The Perfect Way to Preview your Program

Have you ever enrolled in a class, attended the first lecture and then realized it was nothing like you thought it would be? Perhaps the material was not what you had in mind, the projected assignments seemed out of line with what you’d read in the course description – or maybe you just had a change of heart. No big deal. You just drop the course and sign up for another. But what if you’re already part way through your certification or diploma program and you discover you’ve chosen unwisely? You’ve already invested too much to turn back – switching.. READ MORE »