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A pharmaceutical school graduate performing drug testing.

The Value Of Global Pharmacovigilance For Those In Pharmaceutical School

In several countries, adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are listed as one of the top ten primary causes of death, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). To enhance public health by preventing or minimizing harm to patients, it’s crucial to have systems in place for assessing and overseeing the safety of medications in clinical settings. This is where pharmacovigilance comes in, the science and activities relating to detecting, assessing, understanding, and preventing adverse effects or any other medicine-related problem. Understanding the global scale of pharmacovigilance is invaluable for students navigating the intricate corridors of pharmaceutical school. Here’s why. The Imperative.. READ MORE »

September 26, 2023

A food scientist in a lab after food safety training

The End Of Best Before Dates In Canada? A Guide For Those Considering Food Safety Training

Over the years, we’ve grown accustomed to seeing “Best Before” dates stamped on almost all packaged food products in Canadian supermarkets. These dates hint to consumers when a product retains its optimal taste and nutritional value. But what if this long-standing practice was on the verge of a monumental shift? Recent discussions surrounding food waste, sustainability, and consumer safety have sparked debates about the relevance and accuracy of “Best Before” dates. Could Canada be moving towards eliminating these dates? Understanding this evolving landscape is crucial for those eyeing a career in food safety. The Problem With Best Before Dates Many.. READ MORE »

September 19, 2023

A clinical researcher collecting data from two respondents after clinical research training

4 Common Sampling Strategies To Keep In Mind After Clinical Research Training

As you shift from academic clinical research training to hands-on research, you’ll dive deep into the complexities of sampling. In this field, “population” refers to individuals with common traits or conditions, usually linked to a specific disease.  The large size and inaccessibility of a typical population make it impractical to study every affected individual. As a result, researchers usually focus on a “sample population,” a subset of the broader “target population.” The essence of sampling is to ensure that this chosen subset accurately reflects the larger group, minimizing discrepancies and gaps. Sampling is the foundational approach to selecting a group.. READ MORE »

September 12, 2023

Cannabis cultivation certificate graduate taking notes for a report on cannabis plant growth

The Anatomy Of A Cannabis Plant For Those Seeking A Cannabis Cultivation Certificate

In recent years, the growing trend of cannabis cultivation and consumption for recreational and medicinal purposes has led many individuals to explore this fascinating plant’s world. If you’re considering a career in cannabis cultivation or just curious about the plant you’ve come to appreciate, understanding its anatomy is crucial.  For those aiming to obtain a Cannabis Cultivation Certificate, this knowledge is indispensable. The cannabis cultivation certificate program at AAPS offers students in-depth training in the cannabis industry, covering four main areas: Quality Assurance, Growing Techniques, Plant Sanitation, and Seed-to-Sale Processes. This comprehensive curriculum emphasizes best practices, quality control, and effective.. READ MORE »

September 7, 2023

A document controller organizing documents after regulatory affairs training

4 Reasons Document Control is Crucial for Regulatory Affairs Associates

Document control refers to the systematic management of documents from inception to disposal. This process prioritizes the accuracy, comprehensiveness, accessibility, and protection of these documents to align with regulatory mandates, quality benchmarks, and functional requirements. Document controllers oversee the prompt and efficient preparation and handling of documents. They manage the organization, numbering, archiving, and retrieval of both electronic and paper-based documents produced within a company. As global markets become more intricate and the web of regulatory stipulations expands, the importance of document control becomes even more pronounced.  Here are four reasons why mastering document control is paramount after completing your.. READ MORE »

August 29, 2023

Food safety professional at a food production facility smiling at camera

3 Ways a Post-Graduate Food Technology Diploma Can Accelerate Your Career

Food technology and safety is an exciting field, allowing us to dive deep into the selection, handling, and distribution processes of our food. With a food technology diploma, you can develop key insights and skills that give you a competitive advantage in your future career.   Not only will it allow you to earn a food safety qualification, but it will also prepare you for entry level or ongoing career development in the food and beverage industry. This can help you explore a future in a wide range of specializations, from analytical chemistry and nutrition, to quality control and food safety.. READ MORE »

August 22, 2023

Pharmacovigilance training graduates in a pharmacy

Sulfanilamide: A Cautionary Tale In Drug Safety For Those Pursuing Pharmacovigilance Certification

Sulfanilamide has long been widely recognized for its usefulness in anti-bacterial treatment medicine. As one of the earliest known antibiotics, Sulfanilamides, or Sulfa drugs as they are popularly called, were thought to produce impressive results in people without much trouble. And it would remain the popular sentiment until a public health incident with disastrous consequences took place in 1937.  This incident, discussed later in this blog, would spark a hot debate and mark a revolution in the drug safety subject. It has become central to discussions about drug safety in pharmacovigilance certification programs worldwide. And if you’re pursuing a career.. READ MORE »

August 17, 2023

A cannabis extraction technician in a laboratory after earning their cannabis certificate

Earning A Cannabis Certificate? Explore A Day In The Life Of A Cannabis Extraction Technician

The cannabis industry has witnessed exponential growth in recent years, fueled by increasing legalization and a surge in consumer demand for cannabis products. Among the many career opportunities this burgeoning industry presents, a cannabis extraction technician role stands out as a rewarding and crucial one.  Cannabis extraction technicians operate within a controlled laboratory environment, utilizing specialized equipment, heat, pressure, and solvents to isolate cannabis compounds. Their paramount focus is on maintaining rigorous safety and quality standards throughout the extraction process. Another crucial part of their job is to ensure the purity and potency of the extracted compounds. They meticulously collect.. READ MORE »

August 10, 2023

A female scientist in a laboratory after pharmaceutical training

3 Ways You Can Drive Innovation As A Scientific Leader: Lessons from Pharmaceutical Certificate Training

Your place as a scientific leader in any industry positions you to be responsible for the strategic direction your organization takes. You can influence the means, approaches, and processes that are adopted across the board.  Your job demands that you facilitate efforts to improve your team’s performance and achieve your goals. To do all these and push your organization to reach new heights while at it, you must key into the drive for innovation. Here, we discuss three measures you can adopt to successfully promote innovation in your workspace. And we draw inspiration from pharmaceutical training to offer these tips,.. READ MORE »

August 8, 2023

Female pharmaceutical school graduate interacting with a colleague.

Pharmaceutical Training: Your Gateway to a Thriving Career with Unparalleled Job Security

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has had a profound impact on societies worldwide, underscoring the critical importance of healthcare and the need for effective treatments and vaccines. This global health crisis has not only increased the demand for medical interventions but has also shed light on the vital role played by pharmaceutical professionals in combating diseases and improving public health. In response to the pandemic and a myriad of other problems, the pharmaceutical industry has rapidly adapted to meet the growing needs of the global population. From developing vaccines to producing therapeutics, pharmaceutical companies have been at the forefront.. READ MORE »

July 27, 2023


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