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Female pharmaceutical school graduate interacting with a colleague.

Pharmaceutical Training: Your Gateway to a Thriving Career with Unparalleled Job Security

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has had a profound impact on societies worldwide, underscoring the critical importance of healthcare and the need for effective treatments and vaccines. This global health crisis has not only increased the demand for medical interventions but has also shed light on the vital role played by pharmaceutical professionals in combating diseases and improving public health. In response to the pandemic and a myriad of other problems, the pharmaceutical industry has rapidly adapted to meet the growing needs of the global population. From developing vaccines to producing therapeutics, pharmaceutical companies have been at the forefront.. READ MORE »

July 27, 2023

A food technologist in a lab after food technology training

From Concept to Plate: Discover The Product Development Process through Food Technology Training

The world of food technology takes you on a fascinating journey that blends science, ingenuity, and innovation, ultimately delivering exceptional culinary creations from concept to plate. At the core of this captivating field lies the product development process, where professionals navigate the intricate stages that transform ideas into delectable, market-ready food products.  Acquiring specialized knowledge and skills through training helps empower budding industry professionals to traverse this dynamic process successfully, crafting exceptional food products that tantalize taste buds and adhere to safety standards. The Food and Edible Technology, Safety and Quality Post-Graduate Diploma Program at AAPS offers students a comprehensive.. READ MORE »

July 18, 2023

Cannabis retail store owner after cannabis industry training

Cannabis Industry Training Redefined: 4 Innovative Ways to Educate and Delight Your Customers

The cannabis industry is witnessing a positive shift in both social acceptance and legal recognition across Canada. Despite this being a favourable development for cannabis brands, they still face the marketing challenge of navigating the lingering stigma surrounding the cannabis plant. One of the most effective ways of navigating these pitfalls and guaranteeing a positive outcome for your brand is positive customer education. Customer education offers a multitude of advantages, benefiting customers as well as your store. When customers are well-informed, they make better choices, leading to a more enjoyable experience and an increased likelihood of returning to your store… READ MORE »

July 11, 2023

Analytical chemist in a lab after earning an HPLC certificate

Pursuing a Career as an Analytical Chemist? Here are 4 Advantages of earning an HPLC Certificate!

Analytical chemists are skilled and hardworking professionals who utilize advanced instrumentation and techniques to analyze the properties of various substances, including environmental, water quality, and pharmaceutical drugs. Their primary objective is to identify the elemental composition of a substance and gain insights into its structure and interactions. Among the list of available techniques, High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) stands out as one of the most widely used methods. This blog post will explore four significant advantages of earning an HPLC certificate for those aspiring to build a successful career as an analytical chemist. 1. HPLC Certificate Qualification Expands  Career Opportunities Obtaining.. READ MORE »

July 10, 2023

Regulatory affairs associates working on concepts.

5 Skills Needed for a Successful Regulatory Affairs Associate Career

Regulatory affairs officers play a vital role in ensuring that various products, including foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and veterinary medicines, comply with legislative requirements throughout their development, testing, and marketing processes. In other words, they navigate the complex landscape of regulatory requirements and help bring products to market smoothly.  The Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs program at AAPS can equip budding regulatory affairs professionals with all the training necessary for a career in the industry. However, success as a regulatory affairs associate also relies on a diverse skill set encompassing technical and non-technical abilities. Technical skills such as regulatory knowledge and.. READ MORE »

June 27, 2023

Cannabis buds to be studied in cannabis courses.

Lesser-Known Cannabinoids for Students in Cannabis Courses

The delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) cannabinoid has been the subject of much scientific and recreational attention and, along with CBD, is one of the most instantly recognizable cannabinoids on the market. Having said that, the cannabis plant contains over 100 other cannabinoids, and there has been recent scientific interest in investigating the potential benefits and risks of these less-dominant cannabinoids.  These lesser-known chemical compounds found in cannabis are collectively referred to as minor cannabinoids. Unlike the dominant compounds THC and CBD, these minor cannabinoids exist in smaller quantities within the cannabis plant. However, they offer unique properties and can be isolated for.. READ MORE »

June 20, 2023

Two quality assurance professionals after food safety training

Considering Food Safety Training? How Product Testing Protects the Health Of Canadians

Product testing is a systematic approach used to evaluate and assess the safety, quality, and performance of various consumer goods available in the market. This scientific process involves subjecting products to comprehensive examination, experimentation, and analysis to determine their compliance with regulatory standards, safety protocols, and consumer expectations. Testing procedures encompass various factors, including chemical composition, physical properties, durability, toxicity levels, and potential health risks associated with product use. The significance of product testing extends to the identification, analysis, and quantification of food allergens. Given that food allergies affect over 2.6 million Canadians, according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency,.. READ MORE »

June 13, 2023

Clinical research professionals conducting research

Understanding Canada’s Pharmaceutical Industry through Clinical Research Training

Canada’s pharmaceutical sector is as multifaceted and complex as it is dynamic. Therefore, those seeking to contribute to the growth and success of the Canadian pharmaceutical industry would benefit from a comprehensive understanding of the country’s pharmaceutical landscape through clinical research training.  One such program providing valuable insights into Canada’s pharmaceutical industry is the Clinical Research, Drug Safety, and Pharmacovigilance diploma offered by the Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences (AAPS). This online program comprises a comprehensive curriculum that covers the fundamental aspects of clinical research, drug safety, and pharmacovigilance, providing participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in.. READ MORE »

June 6, 2023

A clinical research assistant in a laboratory after pharmaceutical laboratory training

How a Pharmaceutical Laboratory Testing Certificate Can Accelerate Your Career

If you’re looking for a high-impact role in the pharmaceutical industry or considering transitioning to a new position within the industry, acquiring specialized skills and certifications can significantly enhance your career prospects. One such certification that holds immense potential for career advancement is a Pharmaceutical Laboratory Testing Certificate. This certification equips professionals with the necessary expertise to navigate the complex and evolving landscape of laboratory testing in the cannabis, biopharmaceutical, and pharmaceutical industries. The Pharmaceutical Laboratory Testing Certification Program at AAPS can equip you with comprehensive knowledge and skills to significantly impact these industries, elevate your career trajectory, and unlock.. READ MORE »

May 30, 2023

International students seeking pharmaceutical training.

How International Students in Our Pharmaceutical Training Receive Support

Canada’s globally recognized and respected education system makes it a popular destination for international students seeking to pursue and achieve their academic goals. AAPS’ status as a premier educational institution, coupled with its strategic location in the commercial and cultural melting pot of Toronto, makes it an attractive destination for international students in the country. AAPS is committed to innovation and academic excellence. Still, our most cherished trait is our complete commitment to the success and well-being of our diverse body of students, even after completing their program with us. Here, we’ll discuss how international students in our pharmaceutical training.. READ MORE »

May 23, 2023


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