Moon Milk: The Sleeping Aid That’s Making Students in Food Safety Training Curious

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There’s been no shortage of fun food trends over the last few years. Unicorn frappes, mermaid food, and other beautiful and tasty options have taken over social media platforms. Now people from all over the world swear by the rumoured sleep-inducing properties of Moon Milk, a simple drink that combines milk and herbal supplements and spices. Everyone has their own unique recipe, which many like to showcase on social media platforms such as Pinterest.

Are you an ambitious student with a desire to carve out a career for yourself in the food industry? Here is a comprehensive guide on this latest trend.

Moon Milk Is Said to Be a Remedy That Is Both New and Familiar

A warm cup of milk has been a natural home remedy and rumoured sleep aid for a long time now. Moon Milk isn’t all that different, drawing on what is considered an ancient Indian Ayurvedic technique of using warm milk to help curb the effects of insomnia. What makes Moon Milk different is that it adds a blend of different herbs to the mixture, providing beautiful colours to the drink, as well as different flavours. Some even claim that added spices and herbs can also add to milk’s sleep-inducing properties.

Professionals with a food safety diploma may already know that there is the presence of acid tryptophan in cow’s milk, which is an amino acid that can help people feel drowsy. Moon Milk also often includes non-toxic herbal supplements called adaptogens, which are claimed to reduce stress, boost the immune system, and more. The addition of other herbs and spices, such as nutmeg, black pepper, cinnamon, and a bit of honey, are also an important part of any Moon Milk recipe.

What Grads with Food Safety Diplomas Can Learn From Moon Milk’s Success

What makes Moon Milk such a fad on social media websites is that everyone has their own unique concoction. Some may prefer to add a bit of lavender and rose water, others may opt to include maca and reishi as well as some cacao butter. This makes Moon Milk a very versatile food with a great deal of room for experimentation and customization.

Floral flavours and the option for customization have helped drive Moon Milk’s popularity

Floral flavours and the option for customization have helped drive Moon Milk’s popularity

These qualities help to illuminate the runaway success that Moon Milk has seen. As professionals with food safety training know, consumer preferences can help drive innovation within the food industry. At the moment, an increased focus on wellness and natural ingredients has pushed many towards foods that can purport health benefits and where all ingredients included are easily recognizable. Floral flavours like lavender and rose water are also seeing a big surge within the food industry. Finally, Moon Milk’s beautiful colours and Instagrammability have also helped to make this new trend soar. Whether food industry professionals want to jump on the bandwagon or not, Moon Milk helps illustrate several big food trends in action, and how incorporating them into items can help drive success.

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