In Cannabis Training? Attend the Cannabis 360 Conference to Discover the Value of EU-GMP Certifications

Every industry is governed by a set of rules and regulations that determine good practices. For the cannabis industry, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are a set of requirements that any manufacturer must meet in order to ensure that their product is of consistent quality, and safe for its intended use. 

When it comes to expanding marijuana exports to international markets, a new set of standards come into play. An EU-GMP certification is an essential requirement for exporting medical marijuana to markets in the European Union. All medical cannabis sold in Europe needs to be manufactured and tested under specific standards, and manufacturers must gain a certification for distribution and warehousing. 

This September, AAPS will be hosting the Cannabis 360 Conference as an opportunity for students to explore the impact of these regulations surrounding cannabis sales. The conference features industry experts who will discuss the process of entering the European cannabis market for businesses across Canada. Read on for a closer look at some topics to be discussed in our upcoming conference!

Why GMP Certification Is Important

GMP certifications are practices that apply to numerous industries: food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and cannabis. GMP in the cannabis industry ensures that quality controls are applied to every batch of product at each stage of the cultivation and manufacturing process. This can include quality control of raw materials, testing processes, storage conditions, as well as the final product. In short, GMP lays out standards for:

  • Hygiene in production
  • Quality management 
  • Traceability 
  • Recall and complaints
  • Suitable facilities 
  • Qualified personnel

Students in cannabis training will develop a comprehensive understanding of compliance in relation to the production and distribution of medical and recreational cannabis. The Cannabis 360 Conference is a chance for students to expand their knowledge of industry compliance, with key speakers exploring the impact of GMP regulations for cannabis businesses in Canada. 

Those in cannabis industry careers should know the regulations that apply to each stage of the manufacturing process

A Look at the EU-GMP Guidelines 

In order to do international business worldwide, manufacturers must meet the strictest cannabis GMP standards worldwide. The EU-GMP certificate is an internationally-accepted pharmaceutical quality standard. The guidelines for EU-GMP are highly detailed with specific requirements for quality control measures. Compared to other production guidelines, the EU-GMP certificate also includes:

  • Supplier qualification
  • Stability program
  • Environmental assessment for storage and transportation
  • Equipment qualification 
  • Process and cleaning validation 

The Cannabis 360 Conference explores the impact of regulations surrounding cannabis sales

For companies aiming to export cannabis products internationally, earning an EU-GMP certification is essential. The certification confirms that the final product has been manufactured and produced using high-quality standards and is safe for consumption. The Cannabis 360 Conference will hold a panel discussing the path to EU-GMP certification. Professionals in cannabis industry careers will provide some actionable takeaways for those looking to enter or expand a business within the cannabis space. 

An EU-GMP certificate is a must for businesses hoping to enter international cannabis markets

Expanding International Business for Those in Cannabis Industry Careers

Canadian cannabis companies that comply with Good Production Practices within Canada must also gain an EU-GMP certification if they plan on exporting their products to European markets. As more and more countries move towards legalization of cannabis, international standards on cannabis are changing to regulate these new markets. Europe is now expected to become the world’s largest legal cannabis market, with Germany standing as the target market for most companies seeking EU-GMP certification.

The Cannabis 360 Conference will feature a panel from experts in the global cannabis industry. One speaker, Mr. Deepak Anand, has served on boards of various pharmaceutical associations across Canada, the United States, and Europe within the international cannabis space. Learning from experienced officials, attendees of the conference will gain a unique insight into some of the opportunities and challenges currently facing the cannabis industry in both the Canadian market and abroad. 

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