AAPS Students Learn SOPs for Cleaning a Quality Control Laboratory

AAPS Pharmaceutical Students reviewing Quality Control Lab cleaning techniques.

AAPS Students reviewing Quality Control Lab cleaning techniques.

In today’s Technical Writing class, AAPS students reviewed the standard operating procedures for cleaning a quality control laboratory.

Instructor Jason Chu had students organize the various processes of daily and weekly cleaning into a flow chart.

These cleaning practices are essential for maintaining a safe and secure environment. Concepts learned in today’s class will help students understand their future responsibilities as Quality Control professionals.

Knowledge Vital For Your Career

The importance of knowing these cleaning procedures is vital to a career in Quality Control.  Understanding concepts like cleaning validation and cross-contamination ensure that students are aware of the cleaning processes required in removing residue of active ingredients from a piece of equipment. Cleaning processes taught in the AAPS Technical Writing class ensure that the quality of the next product manufactured in a laboratory is not compromised by waste from a previous product.

AAPS students are now prepared to determine the degree of cleaning to be done, popular cleaning aids and outline the cleaning methods for different environmentally graded areas.

The comprehensive knowledge and skills that the students developed today will help them maintain a clean working environment and ensure safe pharmaceutical practices. These skills are an asset to any career in Pharmaceutical Analysis, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs.

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