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AAPS Students Learn SOPs for Cleaning a Quality Control Laboratory

In today’s Technical Writing class, AAPS students reviewed the standard operating procedures for cleaning a quality control laboratory. Instructor Jason Chu had students organize the various processes of daily and weekly cleaning into a flow chart. These cleaning practices are essential for maintaining a safe and secure environment. Concepts learned in today’s class will help students understand their future responsibilities as Quality Control professionals. Knowledge Vital For Your Career The importance of knowing these cleaning procedures is vital to a career in Quality Control.  Understanding concepts like cleaning validation and cross-contamination ensure that students are aware of the cleaning processes required in removing.. READ MORE »

What Pharmaceutical Experts Should know about Natural Health Product Regulation

Natural health products (NHPs) are over-the-counter substances that can normally be purchased in any health store or pharmacy. Some common substances that are categorized as natural health products include: vitamins and minerals, herbal medicines, energy drinks and probiotics. Pharmaceutical industry professionals know that all NHPs sold in Canada are subject to the Natural Health Product Regulations, under the authority of the Food and Drugs Act. These regulations are implemented to address Canadians’ concerns about NHP safety and availability as well as regulate their sale, manufacturing, packaging, labelling and distribution processes. Students pursuing pharmaceutical careers will soon learn all about natural.. READ MORE »