Thinking About Cannabis Careers? Learn About Grow Room Set Up and Design

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Making plans to set up a grow room is exciting, highly detailed work. However, before you start cultivating cannabis, you must obtain licenses from Health Canada and the CRA unless the product contains less than 0.3 percent THC. When you have met the requirements of the authorities, only then can you follow through on your grow room plans.

What do you have to consider as you set up your grow room? Essentially, your cannabis cultivation plans must take into consideration cost efficiency and plant health. These two major points encompass the wide range of elements that will factor into the success of your grow room. Keep reading to learn more.

Apply Your Knowledge from Cannabis Training to Grow Room Plans

If you undergo cannabis training, you will have the opportunity to participate in interactive courses that prepare you to make plans for indoor cultivation activities from propagation to packaging. Before any plants sprout, these are the facts you need to lay out:

  • Location: consider proximity to markets, labour, electrical and water systems, and waste disposal
  • Number of plants: what is the size of your crop?
  • Scaling capacity: will you want the option to scale up?
  • Budget: calculate the costs of set up and maintenance of your grow room

Like any other building project, you will need to get your blueprints in order

Like any other building project, you will need to get your blueprints in order

The best conditions for growing cannabis are controlled ones. This means the building must be sealed off from the outdoors and all systems for electricity, water, and air must be compatible with each other. Also, other facilities beyond the grow room, such as a decontamination area, must be part of the design.

Equipment and Premises

As a cannabis cultivator, you must create optimized conditions for your plants to ensure health, quality, and yield. Unlike many farmers, your plants will not be subject to the weather. It’s up to you and the knowledge from your cannabis industry courses to create the perfect environment for plant growth. The basic equipment required for a grow room premises typically includes the following:

  • Lights and establishing how many watts per square foot you need
  • Watering equipment and floor drains
  • Dehumidifiers, fans, and ventilation
  • Thermometers and hygrometers
  • Planters, growing medium, and nutrients
  • Reflective material or light-coloured paint for the walls Insulation

A hygrometer measures humidity

A hygrometer measures humidity

In addition to optimizing conditions, your equipment makes sure you are able to monitor the environment closely. It is necessary to keep the humidity, light exposure, and temperature within a particular range for healthy cannabis plant growth. Control of these elements will also reduce the risk of things like mould and mildew.

After Your Grow Room Is Set Up

With the proper training, you will have knowledge about cannabis strain selections, what type of growing media to use, how to identify diseased plants, and how to do pest control, among many other things that will contribute to your success. As you let your plants flourish, here are a few other things to keep in mind for your grow room set-up:

  • Organization: label everything and make a schedule for lights, watering, and environmental control checks
  • Detail orientation: create checklists to make sure you are monitoring all aspects of plant health throughout the phases of growth
  • Patience: similar to outdoor farmers, cannabis cultivators must have patience

Attention to detail will make sure your plant yield is ideal in terms of quality and quantity

Attention to detail will make sure your plant yield is ideal in terms of quality and quantity

As mentioned above, each phase of growing—from vegetative to flowering to harvest—requires particular conditions. In this way, the most important elements to maintain after your grow room is set up are personnel and dedication.

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