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Students Begin A New Semester

This week students at AAPS begin a new academic term. AAPS is excited to share what our students will be learning in upcoming weeks. The term marks the beginning for AAPS’ Introduction to Good Manufacturing Practices course where students will learn the history, rational and purpose behind GMP requirements. Students will be taught the importance of packaging, labeling, testing and control of pharmaceutical products. In our Laboratory series, students enrolled in AAPS Pharmaceutical Laboratory Testing course will be taught practical application of pharmaceutical analysis and techniques as well as Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). This particular course thoroughly prepares students for a pharmaceutical.. READ MORE »

Food Safety and the Regulation of Energy Drinks

As the go-to caffeine buzz for college students and high schoolers, health officials have long been skeptical about the effects of energy drinks. With their lack of nutritional labelling, energy drinks are a huge concern for the health of young people. Packed with sugar, high caffeine levels, taurine (increases energy levels) and ginseng, energy drinks have long been claimed as a health product—something which is now changing. After several deaths related to the consumption of energy drinks, and many others who claim energy drink companies use false advertising, government regulatory affairs has stepped in to change the way energy drinks.. READ MORE »