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Cannabis Dosage Forms: Beware of these Key Differences After Medical Cannabis Training

The reputation of cannabis as a therapeutic pain reliever has made it a popular treatment option for individuals with a variety of ailments aiming to reduce their discomfort. However, the form and amount of the dosage is an important factor that is rarely considered and something individuals curious about cannabis management and quality should be aware of. The dosage form of the drug can make a big difference in how the medicinal ingredients are affected and transported. It is important that the therapeutic factors remain consistent during intake and the proper dosage form is administered. Here is some information on.. READ MORE »

How Cannabis for Medical Purposes Is Helping Patients With Arthritis

The growing awareness about the benefits of CBD oil is an exciting development for arthritis patients. In fact, many of them have been speaking out for years about the health benefits they claim to have experienced from using medical cannabis. One in five Canadians live every day with arthritis, a condition which causes pain and limits movement by attacking a person’s joints and tissues. There is no known cure for arthritis, which means that any progress in limiting its symptoms is seen as a significant medical breakthrough. Medical cannabis could be an avenue for such progress, so here’s what has been.. READ MORE »

Cannabis for Epilepsy? What This Means for Students in Medical Cannabis Certification Training

One of cannabis’s many chemicals has been credited with reducing epileptic seizures. What does it mean for pros with medical cannabis certification training?